Max Verstappen George Russell
Max Verstappen and George Russell exchanged heating verbs after the first sprint of the race

While Mercedes fans are demanding an apology from Max Verstappen for using such a derogatory word for his rival George Russell, he himself expects no sorry. Max is a two-time world champion. How could he go for such a thing? Russell speaks to motorsports about what he feels about being called a “D**khead” by the Red Bull driver for doing the same thing everybody does, which is a gutsy OVERTAKE.

The Saturday Sprint at Baku was captivating due to Sergio Perez’s shootout. Still, the real highlight was the tense exchanges between Max Verstappen and George Russell, making the race even more exciting to watch. Verstappen never likes a P2 or P3, or any other finish, because he settles only for the first position. Clearly, that day was one of the worst for him as not him, but his teammate was winning. And there came the Mercedes driver attempting to surpass him at turn 2.

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Max Verstappen and George Russell Battling During the First Sprint of the 2023 F1 season.

Max was already frustrated, and Russell’s W14 contact with Max’s RB19, causing a hole in the ride-side pods, acted just like fire to his anger. In order to save his car, Max Verstappen allowed to let George go in the next turn. But after the race was over, he released some of his wrath on the Mercedes driver, calling Russell a “D**ckhead.” This was a little rich of criticism, as several F1 pundits came to support the Mercedes driver. George did nothing wrong attempting to overtake; this is what all drivers do! Hence, Max should not call him by any name. However, now that he did, he should apologize, as fans have started demanding on social media.

“Max Is A Good Guy, But He Should Not Say Such Words” -George Russell

Nevertheless, George Russell does not expect the same. Speaking with Motorsportsweek, the British driver made it clear that he does not want any apology from the Red Bull driver. Max Verstappen is a two-time world champion who is the first title contender of this season. George asserted that these things do not bother him. However, according to George, Max is probably letting himself down a little bit with those types of comments he is making. “He is a good guy, great driver, but he can prevent himself from that kind of words which are a bit unnecessary,” said the British driver.

max george clash
Max Verstappen Confronts George Russell after the Baku Sprint Race

In the post-race interview on Saturday, Max not only called George “you D**khead” but also warned him to expect the same thing in future races. When the Mercedes driver justified his act by stating, “I had no Grip,” Max responded that “We all have no grip, mate, but we must leave a little space.” The Red Bull driver clearly seemed annoyed with the fact that Russell was unnecessarily trying to take a risk in one lap. “You created a hole, and understeered into my side. Why did you have to do it?” The two-time world champion could not find any sense in how George did not find it easy to lock up.

Max further explained that the hole created due to the clash did not look great. But had to accept eventually. Unfortunately, George Russell made a mistake because Max Verstappen is an elephant who remembers things. He did not spare his own teammate, Sergio Perez; George is still the rival. Hence he must get prepared for the counterattack by Max Verstappen.