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Is Max Verstappen Scared After Recent Setbacks? Warns Of Touch Challenge Ahead Of Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix has always been extra exciting due to its tricky track. However, the Miami International Autodrome underwent a few changes following the 2022 season. It has resurfaced, and some of the changes are concerning the two-time world champion Max Verstappen. After finishing the Azerbaijan Grand Prix second, losing the win to his teammate, Sergio Perez, Max is able to figure out the difficulties he may face in the upcoming race. Basically, he is trying to ask for low expectations from fans in Miami. Let’s know what these problems are exactly that may not let Max win another race of the season.

In a press release after the Baku Weekend, Max Verstappen revealed that the Miami International Autodrome had been a very physical track for him. Last year, “it was really hot there,” he said. And now, this is something that they need to be prepared for.

Miami International Autidrome Fromula One

Prior to being resurfaced, the Miami track lacked any grip, causing drivers to venture off the designated track line. However, this issue no longer exists. Still, Max Verstappen believes that it is not going to be easy for him. You may call it much more interesting, but Max finds Miami a “very complex circuit” in Miami. Although the track has been renovated, it is yet to see how it impacts the performances of the drivers.

Max Verstappen Is Excited About The New Livery That Red Bull Might Launch In Miami

The Red Bull driver is eagerly anticipating the launch of the new RB19 livery, which may take place in Miami this week. The new track is also exciting, but the livery remains his main focus. Recently, the Milton Keynes team asked their fans via the Internet to design new liveries for the Red Bull car. As it was a competition, the best design might get established as the latest Red Bull creation. However, it is yet to be revealed.

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Max Verstappen At The Baku City Circuit 2023

The Dutch driver is leading the 2023 driver’s championship. However, behind him stands Sergio Perez with just 6 points less. Both have won an equal number of races in the season so far, but the RB19 car is not behaving certain. In the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen had to star to start the race from P15, eventually losing the chequered flag to Checo. Again in Azerbaijan, despite the major issues in the car, due to the wrong pitstop timing, he missed the P1. Things are not that easy for Max until Sergio Perez continues with his killing moves with the same car.

The former F1 world champion Damon Hill is already worried that Max may have lost the will to continue with his dream of becoming a GOAT driver. Last Sunday was more about the verbal exchanges between Max Verstappen and George Russell. The Red Bull star is already talking about his retirement plans. And now he is worried about the weather in Miami, stating it will not be easy. So if fans are a bit concerned, they should be.