Liverpool\’s John Barned Blames Cristiano Ronaldo For Manchester United\’s Failure To Finish In Top-4!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United has had a disappointing Premier League season as the Red Devils failed to finish in Top-4. The English football club finished sixth in the 2021-22 season and failed to qualify for the Champions League. The United had had the worst season in Premier League despite Cristiano Ronaldo\’s presence in the club. The Portuguese legend returned to Old Trafford last summer. The 37-year-old finished the season as the highest scorer for the United with eighteen goals. Among all the disappointment in the Red Devils\’ camp, Liverpool legend John Barnes has blamed Ronaldo for Machester United\’s disappointing run this season. 

The football expert also accused Cristiano of causing \”disunity and disharmony\” at Manchester. Ronaldo has bailed his team out of tough, tough situations on several occasions this season. However, Barnes thinks have The Red Devils would have done better without Ronaldo on the team. The 58-year-old also claimed that Cristiano\’s transfer to the United was a big mistake, and the club needs to rectify it soon if they have to perform better next season.


Is Ronaldo Responsible For Manchester\’s Failure This Season?

During William Hill\’s season-end podcast, Barnes accused Ronaldo of causing disunity and disharmony in the club. He pointed out that Cristiano throws his hand in the air when the ball does not come to him. John thinks that Manchester United has not been able to find harmony, and Ronaldo is the one behind him. The former Liverpool player explained that Ronaldo walks around like the club\’s failure is due to the rest of the players while he is doing his job perfectly. 

Moreover, Barnes also accused CR7 of being selfish as he plays for himself and not for the team. The fans love him, but Ronaldo avoids taking the blame for the failure when they are not going away. John said that Cristiano did well for himself, but he would rather want Manchester finishing higher than an individual player scoring twenty goals in a season. Further, the 58-year-old mentioned that The Red Devils would have finished higher if they had a better team. He added, \”If the harmony is better, Ronaldo won\’t score the goals but the team will be a better team and would be winning matches.\”

Manchester United

As per ESPN, the United squad was divided into two camps. The British players stuck together while foreign players remained in support of Ronaldo. And Barnes feels that the poor performance of several players was because of Ronaldo\’s presence in the club. He claimed that Cristiano detracts players, resulting in Marcus Rashford,

Bruno Fernandes, and Jadon Sancho\’s bad run this season. Barnes thinks whoever signed Ronaldo in the United management is at fault for this. The Liverpool legend feels that the Red Devils are better off without Cristiano. They need to change things with new manager Erik ten Had taking the reigns soon.

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