Formula 1 is finally returning to Spa this weekend after the summer break for the Belgian Grand Prix. So far, Red Bull has dominated the 2022 championship, winning nine of the 13 races so far. Meanwhile, Ferrari has tried to stay close to Red Bull, securing the remaining four wins so far. However, the eight-time constructors’ champions Mercedes found themselves on the back foot due to porpoising and have been only the third fastest team this season. 

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have remained winless this season, as the Silver Arrows entered the summer break without a single victory for the first time since 2012. However, the German outfit has made some giant leaps over the course of the last five races. Hamilton has secured a podium in each of the last five races. 

Mercedes W13

Meanwhile, his teammate George Russell secured the team’s first pole in Hungary along with two double podiums for the team in France and Budapest. Thus, with the progress Mercedes have shown in recent times, many experts have reckoned that the German manufacturer would be back in contention for race wins.

Damon Hill Predicts A Lewis Hamilton Victory In Spa

Recently, former F1 world champ Damon Hill made a prediction that could turn out to be shockingly true during the upcoming GP in Spa. During the F1 Nations podcast, the 1996 champ claimed that Lewis Hamilton could finally get back on top of the podium at the end of the Belgian GP. Hill suggested that it is going to any driver other than Max Verstappen during the upcoming F1 race. Damon’s money is on Lewis. The former racing driver felt in his bones that the Briton would win a race this year. He added, “I think it’s going to be Lewis. I just think there could be situations in Spa that fall into his lap.”

Hill & Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is coming off a much-needed summer break as he took a trip to Africa, his homeland. The seven-time world champ tried to reconnect with his ancestors and nature as he was seen treading through forests, exploring tribes, feeding baby animals, and taking on adventures. Now that the Briton is back, he could finally break the shackles and bag his first victory of the season.

Fans have been eager to see Hamilton take the chequered flag during the second half after a tough first phase. Hopefully, the moment would come during the Spa event where new technical regulations would come into action. Moreover, the Flexi floor regulations are expected to affect Red Bull and Ferrari’s pace. Thus, if that happens, Hamilton could have the perfect opportunity to win the Belgian GP.