Lewis Hamilton

There is a debate going on in the Formula One world, who is the GOAT driver? Looking at the stats and doing all the mathematics, one can say that the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton is the greatest of all time, and thus, the debate is over. And now, just in case, if he wins the eighth world title in 2023, he will definitely surpass the legend, Michael Schumacher.

Then, not a single mouth will disagree with the fact that Lewis Hamilton is the GOAT driver. Hamilton already holds the record for most wins. He has broken all the damn records. Unfortunately, the past two years are not going in his favor. But a very strong comeback is being predicted for team Mercedes in 2023, allowing fans to be optimistic about the championship win this time.

Lewis Hamilton GOAT
Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton is now on the path to the clinch eighth world championship. But seems like it is way more difficult than anyone has imagined, kind of cursed. In 2021, when Hamilton was just a few seconds away from breaking Schumacher’s record, a “Human error” occurred in F1’s decision. And he got defeated by Max Verstappen.

In 2022 when Lewis Hamilton returned with hopes of finally getting the eighth title, the season went winless. The take took all his previous winning streaks. They said it was because of a “lack of experience” with the ground effect rules. Now, let’s see if, in 2023, Mercedes will bring a porpoising-free car or not.

Lewis Hamilton Paving Ways For Holding These Records

Meanwhile, if in case the W14 remains the strongest car on the grid. And lewis Hamilton succeeds in conspiring the universe in favor, he breaks these records. First of all, he will break the record of Michael Schumacher, which is just a step away. But surrounded by curses, and challenges, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and Also George Russell. Yet, crossing all of these, Hamilton can win the championship in 2023!

Lewis hamilton

Secondly, Lewis Hamilton has everything that it takes to break the record for the most number of Formula One Grand Slam Weekends. For this, the Briton will have to qualify for poles and win on Sundays by leading every lap, doing the fastest lap. And breaking the previous set of 8 Grand Slams Records by Jim Clark.

In Addition, The Mercedes ace can hold the new record for winning the most races at the same Grand Prix. He can also have Max Verstappen’s record for winning most races in a season. Last year the reigning world champion surpassed Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel by winning 15 stunning races. However, Lewis Hamilton stands nowhere near the above. But can definitely win the British and Hungarian Grand Prix most time. Currently, the Briton stands neck-to-neck with Schumacher winning eight times in Britain and Hungary.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton can also win most poles at the same place. He has won poles in Britain and Australia for the same time as Schumacher and Senna won in Japan and Imola, respectively. So just one more pole in Hungary or Australia can make Hamilton break Schumacher’s and Sennas’s records. Besides, Lewis Hamilton can become the first driver to win races after his 300th start.

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