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The FIA\’s jewelry rule and how Lewis Hamilton responds to it will be in focus once again during the racing weekend in Silverstone. The F1 governing body has strictly imposed the jewelry rule. The safety regulation prohibits the drivers from wearing any kind of jewelry in the cockpit while racing. The rule led to an off-track battle between Hamilton and the FIA, who had already provided the Briton with an extension to get rid of his jewelry.

The Mercedes driver agreed to remove his earring in Miami and was handed a two-race exemption to get his nose stud surgically removed. However, Lewis did not comply with the FIA\’s request, and the governing body extended his exemption until the end of June. Therefore, the 37-year-old could face a race ban during his home race in Silverstone if he shows up with jewelry during the practice session on Friday.


Hamilton Confirms His Participation At Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton has struggled to compete with his W13 this season and has not won a single race. With upgrades coming his way, the Mercedes driver would hope for another competitive run this year at home after winning the British Grand Prix in 2021. Thus, as the team hopes for a better result, Lewis might miss out as a punishment for failing to comply with the FIA\’s orders. The race stewards have the authority to ban the Briton from competing. However, Lewis recently responded to the Silverstone ban speculations. The Briton assured the fans that he will appear for the race this Sunday.

While addressing the drivers\’ press conference, Hamilton claimed that it was crazy to think about the jewelry issue with so much going on in the world. The Mercedes driver was worried and insisted there was bigger fish to fish. Thus, Lewis felt that the FI needed to focus on more important areas. The seven-time world champ revealed that he will be racing in Silverstone. He is closely working with the F1 governing body and was told that the issue was not massively important. He added, \”I will work with Mohammed and his team to take the next steps forward.\”


Hamilton also commented in Baku that there was no reason for the jewelry problem to be an issue. The 37-year-old felt that a lot of time and energy was being put into the petty issue. Moreover, Lewis shared that the rule came out in 2005. He stated that most of the drivers have worn jewelry throughout their careers in F1. The rule had not been a problem in the past, and there were no reasons for any problem.

Elsewhere, Sebastian Vettel also criticized the FIA\’s take on the jewelry ban. The German racer suggested that the FIA was targetting Hamilton personally. He has worn jewelry on the track all his career. Vettel said it was unnecessary to create such hype over jewelry. Sebastian added, \”Probably at this stage, it is more of a personal thing. I feel, in a way, it is particularly targeted to Lewis.\”

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