Last week, Lewis Hamilton\’s chances of winning the first race of the season were severely hampered after the driver was not pitted and left on the medium tyres when the safety car was initiated. However, recent reports indicate that the seven-time world champion may finally have his revenge on Max Verstappen. Meanwhile, the Dutch driver Tom Coronel suspects the Red Bull driver will once again opt for a \”grid penalty\”. 

Lewis Hamilton Can Get His Revenge On Verstappen!

Verstappen recently used new engine components for the Belgian Grand Prix, an won effortlessly despite starting from 14th on the grid. The Red Bull driver dominated the race from start to end, outpacing Mercedes in terms of speed. And the fact that Hamilton and George Russell were so much slower than the Red Bull squad astonished them.


In the Dutch Grand Prix, they were able to fight against their front-runners on both Saturday and Sunday, which was a completely different experience. Before the arrival of two distinct Safety Cars, Lewis Hamilton appeared to be on track to win his first race of the year. However, after Mercedes pitted Russell, Verstappen passed him before his teammate. And Charles Leclerc followed suit after a while. The Brit was furious that Mercedes had left him vulnerable. Now, given its lengthy straightaways, Monza, often known as the \”Temple of Speed,\” isn\’t anticipated to favor Mercedes this weekend.

Although, according to Dutch racing driver Coronel, Verstappen may not win the race and Mercedes could have a chance. He believes that Red Bull will have a chance to try out new engine parts in the Italian Grand Prix. So, this would move him to the rear of the starting grid. While talking on a podcast, Coronel mentioned, \”High speeds, difficult to overtake. But with the tyre strategy and the Red Bull car, we should still be able to reach P2.\”

Hamilton Refused To Talk About Max Verstappen!


When questioned during the Dutch Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton declined to commend Max Verstappen, unlike Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso did. When ViaPlay asked Lewis for his opinion about what kind of driver and person he thinks Verstappen is, Lewis responded, \”I wouldn\’t ever comment on either of those.\” 

Lewis Hamilton is seemly frustrated with his performance and that of his team in the ongoing Formula One season. The defending champion has not been able to win a single race since the season began. While taking a break from social media and pondering his future in the sport, Hamilton was left devoid of the championship title. He then entered the new season intending to get even. But Mercedes hasn\’t been able to provide him with a vehicle that can compete with Verstappen.

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