Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen At Podium

Mercedes have pretty much dominated the Formula One Championships in the last two decades more than any other team. However, searching for their first win with just four races left in the season is uncharted territory for the team. With the driver\’s title already surmounted by Max Verstappen, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are now preparing for the 2023 season. Recently, the seven-time formula one world champion talked about the hope and possibilities of their coming back next year. Not only that, he has congratulated Verstappen and his team Red Bull for all the handwork they did to win the title for the second time consecutively.

Lewis Hamilton Congratulates Red Bull For Another Title

Mercedes are in the unusual position of having to play catch-up this season, requiring the formerly recurrent Formula One World Champions to go backward in order to advance. Following the revision of the significant regulations, the team, which had won eight consecutive world constructors\’ championships, is now hanging just to gain mere points and secure third position this year. However, he took out some time to appreciate the rival team and their driver Max Verstappen for their hard work.

Lewis Hamilton And Mercedes Formula One Car

According to Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull\’s “amazing car” and job well done by “every single individual” at the team this season lead to such a gigantic win. He pointed out that every individual who worked on the car and in the races thus far is the reason for their success today.

Mercedes\’ Solid Focus On The 2023 Formula One Season

Elsewhere, in light of Mercedes\’ underwhelming season, Lewis Hamilton has acknowledged that he needs to work to inspire the squad. After assembling a winning streak that has lasted over ten years, the German club is on its way to its first winless campaign. However, they are now aiming to redesign their vehicle for 2023 to turn things around.

Lewis Hamilton told Motorsport.com that the team\’s enthusiasm and morale were unaffected by the dismal performance. With only 180 points this year, Hamilton is well below his 369.5-point total from the previous campaign, which allowed him to compete for the World Championship heading into the Abu Dhabi finale. But the Briton is sure that even if it does, Mercedes will get it right the next year and put him and George Russell in contention for race victories. 

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton even described the issues with this year\’s Mercedes Formula One car, W13. He expressed his desire for the squad to have a stronger season the next year. Hamilton is confident of his team\’s coming in the next season. He stated, \”Everyone is going to have to dig even deeper during these next six months, and it\’s not going to be easy, but I feel like everyone\’s up to the challenge, up to the task.\”

Hamilton has won several times at each of the remaining four circuits. He secured victory twice in Mexico and three times in Brazil. Not only that, he has won five times each in Abu Dhabi and the Circuit of The Americas. But now, Lewis is having his worst campaign since making his top-flight debut in 2007 with McLaren. He has won 103 Grand Prix races since then, which is an astounding total. Lewis Hamilton has also, noteworthy, won a race in each season he has competed in. The Mercedes W13, however, does not appear to be a winning vehicle. Therefore, that unusual record could seemingly come to an end this year.

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