Max Verstappen & Checo Red Bull
Max Verstappen and team mate Sergio Perez

At the conclusion of the Japanese Grand Prix, in a race cut short by rain, Max Verstappen was declared the winner. After this victory, it became certain that Verstappen would lift the 2022 Formula One title. But it is not done and dusted, and as F1 is now heading to USA Grand Prix, Red Bull and Verstappen will now look to seal the deal for the Constructor\’s championship as well. Not only that, Sergio Perez is at 253 points in drivers\’ standing, one point ahead of Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc. Therefore this year, Red Bull has a chance to go for the first as well as second position in the Driver\’s championship. But will they pull this off? Keep reading to find out.

Red Bull Desperately Aiming A Twin Ambition In The 2023 Season

Max Verstappen has just been named a double world champion. Now, he has every right to enjoy this weekend as he celebrates his second drivers\’ championship victory in laid-back Texan fashion. But two weeks after winning the title in Japan, he will be competing in the United States Grand Prix this weekend. And this time, he will attempt to set another individual track record. Apparently, team boss Christian Horner will be fired up with new goals in his sight.

Red Bull

The first is to uphold the Milton Keynes-based company\’s image in the face of accusations. According to that, they \”cheated\” in order to propel Verstappen to his two back-to-back victories in the drivers\’ championship in 2021 and 2022. As soon as Red Bull was found to exceed the declared budget cap, accusations surfaced about their recent successes. This is something they have not yet received their sentence for. Nevertheless, this led one competitor team to claim that they had been dishonest and are alleged of \’cheating\’.

However, the team\’s continued momentum is Horner\’s second aim. The Dutchman continues the amazing form that has allowed him to cruise to a second championship. And with this, the team is set to win the constructors\’ crown for the sixth time and the first time since 2013. But their desire is not ending just with the World Champion title. They also want Checo to secure the second position in the Driver\’s standing anyhow. Lately, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko also emphasized on the importance of Sergio Perez securing the feat by beating Leclerc.

Red Bull

Meanwhile, at the Circuit of the Americas, Verstappen is attempting to win for the second time. There he took home the victory the year before. On the other hand, Horner is expected to defend Red Bull both in public headlines and in private paddock meetings. Red Bull went above a $145 million spending cap with a \”minor violation\” of the restriction estimated to be 5%, or $7.25 million.

Red Bull is claiming that it did not overpay in any areas that were connected to performance. But they are ready to contest the allegations against them in regards to catering, sick leave, and \”gardening leave.\” In addition, a Saturday press conference by the FIA may feature questions for Christian Horner, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, and Ferrari boss Matteo Binotto. For Horner and his team, especially Verstappen. Seemingly, challenging the FIA may result in harsher penalties than anticipated for a \”small\” infraction. Thus, raising the suspense level of this weekend\’s backdrop paddock planning.

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