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Who is Lewis Hamilton? A Mercedes Formula One driver. However, they call him the GOAT driver, probably because HE IS! There is a reason why half of the world calls him the greatest driver of all time. The Briton debuted in the sport in 2007 with zero podiums and zero wins but with dreams. And after 15 years, what he holds is enough to inspire even a dead person. He broke every record that existed in Formula One; he has the most Grand Prix wins, most winning streaks, the fastest laps, pole positions, and many more records. Just the record set by Michael Schumacher is not yet broken. He has reached the same level already, by the way. And Lewis Hamilton is on the path to clinching his eighth world title, which will indeed create history.

Moreover, most likely, whatever he needed to achieve in Formula One is probably finished, except for the one or more world titles he is seeking for. Unfortuantely, age can become one of the factors for his retirement soon. He is already 38. And, even with his contract extension with Mercedes, he won’t be driving in his forties, most probably.

Lewis Hamilton with Michael Jordan
Lewis Hamilton with Michael Jordan

Now the question is, what will Lewis Hamilton do after he gets retires from Formula One? Will he join NASCAR because back in 2017, the driver revealed his interest in that? Currently, the seven-time Formula One world champion is the brand ambassador of the $10 Billion company named Puma. Six years ago, in 2017, Hamilton admitted that after he retires or takes the exit from Formula One, he will definitely be interested in making guest appearances.

Lewis Hamilton Revealed His Interest To Join NASCAR Back in 2017.

Meanhwile, speaking with GrandPrix247, the Briton said, “I think at some point in the future, I might do things like a guest appearance.” He gave a special focus on how cool it would be if Puma would do it. Hamilton stated, “it would look sick, we could make it look cool. At the moment, I can’t rule it out.” Lewis Hamilton has always been into NASCAR. In 2015, he went to Homestand-Miami Speedway to attend the final start of Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR Career. The small teams of NASCAR reminded him of the times he spent in Formula 3. And, right then, he figured out, “it is very different world from F1. It is not plush.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

In addition, Mercedes star apparently has a very close relationship with the NBA superstar, Michael Jordan. Once, he even offered Hamilton to join his NASCAR team, probably in 2021. Accepting the offer would have made Hamilton the first F1 driver to join NASCAR. Michael asked Hamilton to drive alongside Bubba Wallace with a deal two-year deal of $25 Million per year from 2022 to 2024. However, Lewis Hamilton did not accept the contract as he was trying to create a masterpiece in Formula One, which is not quite finished yet.

In Conclusion, just know that looking at the past stories, it is very much possible for Hamilton to join NASCAR after he retires from Formula One. But this is not going to be near, at least not until the seven-time world champion becomes an eight-time world champion.

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