Mercedes Lewis Hamilton & Russell
Russell & Hamilton

Lewi Hamilton has struggled to finish on top during the 2022 championship. The last year\’s fierce rivalry with Max Verstappen cost the Briton his eighth title. The seven-time world champ has fallen behind his younger Mercedes teammate George Russell. Moreover, the 24-year-old has outperformed Lewis during the season\’s first four races. After a disappointing run at Imola, where the British driver went home with no points, Hamilton believes that he is out of the championship battle and will continue to fight harder.

The British driver has received one podium this season and is currently 58 points behind Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc, who is leading the driver\’s rankings this year. Recently, former Mercedes driver Nico Rosenberg talked about his former teammate, giving an insight into Hamilton\’s mindset. Nico has claimed that Hamilton absolutely hates finishing behind his teammate. The former German driver was Lewis\’ teammate from 2013 to 2016, when Hamilton was at the peak of his F1 career. 

Hamilton & Russell

Can Hamilton Win A Grand Prix Race In 2022?

Rosenberg acknowledged that the current situation is pretty tough for Lewis. Nico feels that the British driver might not win any races this year, unlike every season of his career where he secured wins. Moreover, the 2016 drivers\’ champion told that the tensions are rising, and Hamilton would eventually start showing some emotions. However, Nico feels that the Briton will use his experience to keep those emotions under control. The former F1 champ also reminded, \”Let\’s not forget also Lewis hates ending up behind his teammate.\”

Meanwhile, Nico Rosenberg is the only teammate to have beaten Lewis Hamilton in the same car. Therefore, he is aware of how Hamilton feels when he finishes behind his teammate. Nico pointed out that even if Lewis and his teammate are 11th and 13th, the 37-year-old passionately hates coming in behind his teammate. Moreover, Rosenberg said that falling behind a teammate makes Hamilton very angry, which was the case during the qualification and the Saturday Sprint in Imola. Thus, Nico believes that Lewis will push harder and harder in the engineering rooms to change things around. He feels that it would be interesting to witness how everything unfolds for Lewis from here.

Hamilton & Russell

George Russell Believes In A Stronger Comeback From Hamilton

George Russell has been a surprise package for Mercedes this season, while Hamilton has struggled badly. Russell is already challenging the best drivers in the world during his first season with the Silver Arrows. Moreover, the 24-year-old opened up about the challenges faced by the team and Lewis\’ struggles this season. George revealed that both the Mercedes drivers are struggling equally. The younger Briton explained that the W13 does not feel like a proper racing car to drive as it is far from being in the right window. 

Further, Russell feels that his struggles to control a difficult car at Williams have helped him perform better than Hamilton. However, the British driver has no doubts that Lewis will come stronger. George added, \”He\’s definitely going to be pushing me all the way. I\’m not getting comfortable in this position because I know what he\’s capable of.\”

Russell is currently 21 points ahead of Hamilton, sitting in the fourth spot on the drivers\’ rankings. Thus, Hamilton will try harder at the upcoming Miami GP to get even with his Mercedes teammate on May 8th.

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