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The 2022 Formula One season has one for the dreams for Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team. Even though there are few races in the season, it is almost certain that Max Verstappen will be crowned champion at the end. Although there is a long list of F1 personnel who have praised Verstappen\’s phenomenal season, Lewis Hamilton is not one of them. Therefore, Red Bull team captain Christian Horner took a jab at the Mercedes driver, saying that Verstappen left him \”rattled\”. 

Christian Horner Says Lewis Hamilton Never Praised Verstappen!

Horner asserts that he has never heard Lewis Hamilton compliment Max Verstappen\’s talent. The Red Bull boss said that he is unable to remember a time when Lewis Hamilton highlighted Verstappen\’s skill in Formula 1. He also discussed the nature of the rivalry between the two drivers. Spanking on an F1 podcast, Christian Horner asserted that as a seven-time world champion, he might think more like Lewis. He, therefore, stands to lose everything. Max is a young individual who is taking chances, giving it his all, and has nothing to lose.


Additionally, Christian Horner brought up the historic incident at Silverstone. Many on-track accidents occurred during the year, but one in particular at Silverstone on the first lap sent Verstappen crashing into the wall. There, Verstappen and Hamilton engaged in a fierce race for the lead on the opening lap before Hamilton collided with him, giving him the victory in front of his home crowd. At the same time, Verstappen crashed into a barrier at great speed, which ended his stint at the Grand Prix. And registering a substantial 51G impact required medical assessment.

The season-long rivalry between the two drivers involved the World Championship from the previous year. One of the fiercely contested seasons in Formula 1 history came to a dramatic conclusion on the final lap of the tournament. The Red Bull driver controversially overtook Hamilton.

What Did Horner Say About Daniel Ricciardo\’s Future?

Christian Horner revealed that Daniel Ricciardo should compete instead of serving as Lewis Hamilton and George Russell\’s backup driver at Mercedes. Ricciardo\’s ex-boss has suggested Alpine give its remaining seat to the Australian driver.


Christian Horner clarified that he very likely would choose Ricciardo. He is familiar to McLaren from a few seasons back. And in his final year there, when he won podiums, he was quite composed. In Horner\’s opinion, Ricciardo is the kind of person he could rehabilitate. On the other side, if Hamilton decides to leave Formula One, the Silver Arrows may choose the 33-year-old to serve as their backup driver and then call on him to compete. Although, when questioned about a possible move, Ricciardo did not say that a contract with Mercedes was ruled out.

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