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Recently, Phoenix Sun part-owner Robert Sarver announced his plans to sell his stake in the team along with WNBA\’s team Phoenix Mercury. For some, the news came out as a surprise. However, Lakers star LeBron James is all up for this change. James also expressed his excitement about the news on social media.

LeBron James Is Excited About Robert Server Selling Suns!

LeBron James has been unable to contain his joy over Robert Sarver selling the Phoenix Suns ever since the news broke. The Lakers star turned to Twitter to share his joy at the news, revealing how pleased he is with the news. On Tuesday, James replied to a Tweet that confirmed that Robert had started the procedure to sell both the NBA and WNBA teams that he owned. In his response, King James wrote, \”I\’m so proud to be a part of a league committed to progress!\”


I’m so proud to be a part of a league committed to progress! https://t.co/c89Ad7AKZO

— LeBron James (@KingJames) September 21, 2022

Sarver\’s initial sentence, which included a $10 million fine and a ban for this season, didn\’t sit well with the Lakers\’ star. James also expressed his displeasure with it. He criticized the NBA earlier this month for handing Sarver what he believed to be a light penalty. 

Following a 10-month NBA investigation, the league handed him a one-year suspension and a $10 million fine. Meanwhile, James\’ comments were echoed by Suns guard Chris Paul, a prominent player for the Los Angeles Clippers at the time of the Donald Sterling controversy.

Why Is Robert Sarver Selling Phoenix Suns And Mercury?

Robert Sarver, the infamous owner of the Phoenix Suns acquired the Suns and Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA in 2004. He recently said in a public statement that he is searching for new investors for the Suns and Mercury. The action was taken after an examination of his actions and the work environments of the teams. As a result, it led to a one-year suspension and a $10 million punishment for Sarver.


An unbiased inquiry revealed that Sarver was involved in some unethical scenarios. Robert behaved unfairly against female colleagues, making inappropriate and sex-related comments about their attractiveness. Additionally, as per the allegation, he spoke offensively about other women\’s and female coworkers\’ appearances. He also acted in a physically inappropriate manner against the male workers.

Sarver gave the investigators his fullest cooperation. Following the inquiry, he declared that as a follower of Christ, he had trust in the atonement and the way to forgiveness. But it has sadly become obvious that such is no longer achievable in the present merciless environment. Robert Sarver has thus made the decision to leave and sell the teams.

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