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Lewis Hamilton Is Counting Days Down Before Mercedes Brings Upgrades At Imola

Red Bull has claimed its fourth one-two victory of the 2023 F1 season after Sergio Perez completed the Baku City Circuit 2 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen. Moreover, Ferrari somehow proved that it still has the strength to come back, as Leclerc nailed out poles in both sprint and qualifying and managed to secure the podium for the first time this year. Aston Martin is already on the right track, battling with Ferrari now for the wins. Now, the question here is, what is Mercedes doing? “Just counting the days down or weeks down” before the arrival of the performance-boosting upgrades, said Lewis Hamilton.

The Performance Boosting Upgrade Will Possibly Change The Layout Of The W14

The Azerbaijan week was once again sad and heartbreaking for the Silver Arrows. Nothing worthwhile has been achieved with the little upgrades the Brackley squad has been launching in the W14. And thus, a complete “layout change” is taking place now. The team’s boss Toto Wolff has announced the most awaited upgrade, but he is not sure if it is going to raise fans on their feet or not! Meanwhile, the star driver of the Mercedes AMG Petronas is getting excited about whatever new is coming to the W14. Lewis Hamilton hopes for a good time with any sort of change that the W14 can possess.

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Mercedes W14 in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Hamilton revealed the fact that Mercedes knew already that it would cost them a few of the starting races in order to bring this major upgrade for the ultimate one. And now, when the time comes to finally give a challenge to the dominant team, Red Bull, Mercedes won’t take a step back. However, per what Lewis Hamilton said, the team is still unsure about exactly how good the upgrade will be. But he knows one thing, “it will be the start of something new for Mercedes.”

The Upgrades For Imola, What For Miami? Hamilton Explains What Mercedes Expects In The Upcoming Race

IMOLA, said Toto Wolff when asked about the exact time for Mercedes to give a bang on the grid. So, the new layout of the black livery Mercedes car is expected to get revealed in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Hamilton’s P6 in Baku is something intolerable. It is the lowest score he made this season. But before Imola, we got Miami to deal with the same W14.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton thinks Red Bull will “run away with it” in Jeddah this weekend (Image: Hassan Ammar/AP/REX/Shutterstock)

Speaking of the Miami International Autodrome ride, Hamilton asserted that “Miami is better pace-wise.” In 2022 the W13 was porpoised, but still, he got P6. This time, the W14 is not bouncy, at least. And, so, he must get better. Hopefully, “we are a little bit closer,” he said. Of course, they are not as close as Red Bull because they are just….you know…flying! However, Aston Martin is 11 points ahead of the Silver Arrows in the constructor’s standings. So yes, the 41 years old, Fernando Alonso has been the target of the Seven-time World champion.

Fighting and winning the battle with Aston Martin in Miami “would be amazing,” said Hamilton. The first sprint of the 2023 F1 season didn’t go well for the Silver Arrows, as the Scuderia Ferrari literally rocked. And not to mention, Charles Lecerc’s pole in both the qualis is indeed a threat in front of the P4 and P7 of Mercedes claimed by George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, respectively.