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Priyanshu Raidas

“Didn’t Realise We’d Have Such A Huge Deficit” Lewis Hamilton Shocked By Mercedes’ Latest Performance

Another depressing weekend for Mercedes when Lewis Hamilton got surprised by his car as he was one of the slowest on the straights. It has been a while since the Silver Arrows have been the talk of the town because of their mishaps in making the car. Toto Wolff’s team has not been the same dominating force of nature that it used to be until 2020. However, in order to change that, they have been working rigorously to improve their W14. Their new car has been nothing but disappointing for Lewis in all three races.

It has not been the best season starter for Hamilton as an individual and for Mercedes as a team. Since the season began, they have been continuously hammered by their arch-rivals Red Bull. The Austrian team has been flying with their new cars and has dominated the F1 scene for the last two years. Their dominance in the races has been so consistent that Lewis Hamilton is not even surprised by how quick they are. And today, in the qualifying race, they proved their speed yet again. Meanwhile, Hamilton managed to secure the fifth position in the Friday qualifying to start the race tomorrow.


Lewis Hamilton Does Not Know What To Expect Anymore

Lewis Hamilton. Source - News18

The 37-year-old has not seen the face of the win for a very long time now. It would have been frustrating for him not to be at the podium that used to be his usual place. However, Lewis Hamilton understands that Mercedes have not been able to deliver him winning cars, but they are working relentlessly. Moreover, coming into the season, he knew that Red Bull would definitely have the edge over them. But he was struck when he saw their cars. “I didn’t really know what to expect this weekend,” asserted Hamilton.

The two cars are on a different level when it comes to racing on the straights, which allows drivers to attain maximum speed. Lewis struggled to pull his car and ultimately became the slowest car on the straights among all. Fortunately, he was able to save the fifth position for tomorrow to start the race as ahead as possible. But his teammate George Russell was not fortunate enough as he got knocked out. He will now start the race from the 11th grid in the Ajarbaijjan.

Aston Martin Vs Mercedes

Things that distinguish every other driver from a champion are his patience and optimism. In the same spirit, Lewis has not lost hope in his team, as he believes in the work that is going on behind the scene. Although things have not worked out in favor of Lewis Hamilton, things could change pretty quickly in F1. But if we talk about the season practically, Mercedes would like to save their efforts for the next year. As for this season, they will have to depend on the experience and skills of the British drivers.