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The New York Yankees are one of the most explosive teams in Major League Baseball. They are known for picking up some of the best talents out there to put their best foot forward to win trophies. However, this year has been a difficult journey for them. Some of the areas that have been a major concern this year are the left field. Even skipper Aaron Boone recognized the problems in the public and would want to look for a quick fix. After losing two series in a row, every small weakness must be fixed.

It is not like the team does not have players to play in the left-field position. But due to injuries, Aaron has had to line up the players who are not naturally inclined to the position. Aaron Hicks and Oswaldo Cabrera have contributed in this tough time to play on the left side of the field. They have not been particularly bad at their game, but Boone believes improvements can be made. The left side is a crucial part of the field as it offers a large amount of ground for the opponents to hit. Therefore a good fielder will definitely help them stop conceding runs on both sides of the field.


Pressure Raises Over Manager Boone

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The Yankees are not the team that could lose and sit back for things to get back to normal as it is. They are one of the most expensive franchises in the world. With the amount of funds and liquidity that is at the Bomber’s disposal, nobody would expect mediocrity. And as one of the most successful teams in the history of the MLB, fans expect nothing but a championship every year. Therefore Aaron’s acknowledgment of their weakness is not enough. He must find solutions if he wants to keep his team alive in the league.

The Yankees are currently playing a series against the Texas Rangers. Although they have been winning, some weaknesses can be spotted in the team during the game. The Rangers were able to steal runs from the left side of the field, and this made Aaron Boone realize the problem. To rectify this issue, the Yankees have many prospects up their sleeves, but choosing the right one is the real task. Moreover, the team has two more games left in the series, and they would like to seal wins in both of them. The main objective remains to climb up in the AL East for the playoffs.

Yankees Potential Trade Options

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Among many players, Cody Bellinger seems like a great fit on the left side of the field. He has a 14.1% strikeout rate, 9.8% walk rate, and 153 wRC+, with five home runs, 15 RBIs, and four stolen bases. He even holds the experience of more than 2000 innings, which makes him a perfect candidate. The Yankees can even let some of their players go to acquire fresh young talents. Moreover, it will also allow them to cover the salary of the Bellinger. All in all, the time is running for the Yankees to make some quick changes in the team.