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“That’s A Bit Rich” Majority Of F1 Analysts Criticise Max Verstappen For George Russell Clash

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the first sprint race of the 2023 F1 season were indeed worth watching. The Red Bull star Max Verstappen finished the Baku City Circuit second, approx two seconds behind his teammate Sergio Perez. And Everyone knows how it frustrates Max to lose a race! Plus, a few unexpected things coming from the rivals, like the constant attempt by Russell to pass Max, made the weekend an outburst of Max’s anger.

At turn 2 of the sprint at Baku, George Russell, and Max Verstappen were about to create a very attention-gaining collision. But luckily, nothing happened. However, it would have happened again at turn 3, where George tries those escaping moves again in order to overpass the Red Bull star. And what next? Verstappen faced a little hole in the left side pod of the RB19. At the same time, George Russell went off safely with no damage.

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Max Verstappen calling A D**khead to George Russell In The Sprint Race At Azerbaijan (Image- Sky Sports)

These struggles with Russell prevented Max Verstappen from securing a good position in the sprint race. He could only finish the last lap at P3. However, after the race was over, we saw what a mad Max looked like. Verstappen was so frustrated by the 24-years old Mercedes driver that he called him a “D**khead.”

How Can Max Verstappen criticize George Russell For The Same Thing He Does?

In addition, when the Mercedes driver claimed that it was Max who got too defensive in the battle, it gave no relief to him. Later in reply, Max summoned Russell as “Princess George,” who could not tolerate his moves. The Verstappen fandom liked this criticism of George Russell done by Max Verstappen. But a Formula One presenter, Will Buxton, found it unnecessary.

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Max Verstappen and George Russell (VIa Imago)

Speaking to the F1TV, he said, “It is a bit rich, isn’t it?” Buxton thinks it is wrong that Max is saying that a driver, namely Russell, has taken unnecessary risks. Because without a risky move, how can one even win?
Later Will Buxton reminded fans how Max Verstappen himself has become what he is today. By putting “Gutsy moves” and “by getting wheels to wheels to the rivals.” Max, too has put his elbows down and dirty in order to win races. So he better not criticize any other driver for doing so.

Besides, the F1 presenter explained how Max had done the same thing as Russell did and is still branding him as a d*ckhead and princess. The only way through which Max has become an extraordinary driver is by battling hard with others. Sadly, he likes to race and fight, but he does not like to be raced and fought. He gives but never gets ready to receive.

After seeing the reaction of Max Verstappen on Sunday, Buxton got clear with one thing: Max does not like interruptions by other drivers when he fights for a championship. Many spectators would agree with what Will Buxton said because all of us have seen how Max goes wild when he gets into battles. Once, he ran into Lewis Hamilton’s car, covering him from the top. So if George Russell attempted a few overtakes with Max, causing no actual crashes, he did nothing to be tagged as a D***head! according to Buxton.