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Lewis Hamilton In Protest Mode! Compares The State Of Miami To Saudi Arabia While Calling Out Unfair Treatment To The LGBTQ Community

Lewis Hamilton has always been vocal about his fight against racism and social injustices. He has often found himself in contempt with FIA due to his protests. The governing body has taken all sorts of measures to stop Hamilton as much as possible. But Lewis Hamilton says it is the purpose of his life to fight against injustice wherever whenever he gets the opportunity. All his life, the seven-time champion had to face racism, even when he debuted in Formula One. He is still the only F1 racer of color.

But Hamilton does not only fight against racism but also against the suppression of the LGBTQ communities. He has always talked about the social status of LGBTQ communities in the Middle East. Lewis Hamilton has a signature style of protesting against the suppression of the LGBTQ community by wearing a helmet with a rainbow. He wears that helmet when he races in places where there is prevalent discrimination against LGBTQ groups, like in Saudia Arabia and Qatar, to show his utmost support for the community there. Hamilton might wear the same helmet at the next Grand Prix in Miami as well.


Lewis Hamilton Will Wear The Rainbow Helmet In Miami To Mark Protest

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Rainbow Helmet Mercedes Source: Sky Sports

Recently, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that he is going to wear the same helmet in Miami for the next Grand Prix as well. The seven-time champion will do that because of the state of Florida’s anti-LGBTQ measures. Apparently, it is a weird status in Florida because the nation, USA, legalized gay marriage a long time ago, during the tenure of Barack Obama. However, in Florida, their governor Ron DeSantis recently passed a law called “Don’t Say Gay.” Moreover, this recent legislation bans any lessons on sexual orientation in institutions like schools.

Lewis Hamilton is firmly against this law, and he asks the community in Florida to stay strong. The seven-time champion said that he would stand by the LGBTQ community in there. He mentioned, “I’ll wear my rainbow helmet. It is not at all different from Saudia Arabia.” Furthermore, as per the Human Dignity Trust, LGBTQ communities in Saudia Arabia as well as Florida, face discrimination and persecution. However, Lewis Hamilton is unwilling to comment on holding future races in Miami, Florida. The seven-time champion mentioned, “I don’t take such decisions. I’m not responsible for planning for organizing races in certain venues.”

Can Mercedes Turn Things Around In The Remaining 19 Races?

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Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: Autoweek

Lewis Hamilton is currently in the fourth position in the driver’s world championship standing. Seemingly, Mercedes was hoping for some minor upgrades in Miami this season before the major upgrade to the car in Imola. The seven-time champion would be hoping to get a better result in Miami than what happened in Baku at the last Grand Prix.

The Briton finished sixth behind two Red Bull, two Ferrari, and one Aston Martin driver, who happens to be Fernando Alonso, the oldest driver on the grid. He has a big gap for closing in on with Ferrari and Aston Martin. Red Bull is a little too far ahead. Moreover, there is a long way to go in this season, with as many as 19 races still remaining.