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“Bron Controls The Game,” Clippers Star Paul George Reveals Why Players Shouldn’t Trash Talk With LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the most decorated players ever to grace the basketball court. There is a reason why he is counted among the GOAT debate along with Michael Jordan. James has stood the test of time as he is still playing in his 20th NBA season at 38. He is still playing at a very high level that others can hardly imagine reaching. Over the course of twenty years, LeBron James has won four championships. He has won four MVPs and four Finals MVPs. At present, King James is looking for his fifth championship.

At 38, LeBron broke the all-time scoring record of ‘Captain.’ For 38 years, it was unthinkable to get broken. But James did it. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wished, “May LeBron hold this record for a longer time.” LeBron James has accomplished so much in his long and illustrious career, but still, he keeps working hard to win more championships. Currently, James is doing his best to help the Lakers win the coveted 18th championship. It is clear how impactful James can be to his team’s success. An eight-time All-Star, Paul George of the Clippers, talked about the greatness of LeBron James and what happens when someone tries to trash talk with him.


PG-13 Thinks It Is A Bad Idea To Trash Talk With LeBron James

LeBron James
Dillon Brooks Grizzlies LeBron James Lakers Source: The Athletic

However, the first round of the playoffs against the Grizzlies was a different challenge. The Memphis franchise was the second seed, as well as getting into the nerves of LeBron James and the Lakers with trash talk. If not the whole team, but Dillon Brooks of the Grizzlies was especially using a negative style of competitiveness. Brooks called James “old.” He even hurt James in the groin area during the series on the court and later paid the penalty for it. However, the Lakers blew away the Grizzlies 4-2. Clearly, trash-talking with LeBron James did not work. Furthermore, the Grizzlies showed disinterest in keeping Brooks on their roster. Hence, at present, Brooks is unemployed.

Paul George of the Clippers talked about the episode of Brooks trash-talking James on his podcast. Podcast P. George had many memories of famous encounters with James during the matches between the Pacers and the Heat many moons ago. He even had a tough challenge against LeBron James this season during the exciting games between the Lakers and the Clippers. George explained, “It is meaningless to trash talk with James. It is a slippery slope. He controls the game. He scores 20 or 25 points every game.” But he can’t understand why Brooks tried to trash-talk James. Paul George says Dillon should prove himself first. He has not done anything significantly good in his career, so why would James even listen to someone like Brooks?

Can The Lakers Beat The Warriors In The Playoffs?

Anthony Davis D'Angelo Russell Austin Reaves
Anthony Davis D’Angelo Russell Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

The Lakers were in no position to make the postseason this year. They started so badly with a 2-10 win-loss ratio. But it is a miracle that the Lakers not only just made the postseason but also made the second round of the playoffs.

If they can beat the defending champions, they will reach the conference finals. However, getting to the second round was not an easy task. Furthermore, it has been a challenging journey throughout the season for the Lakers. LeBron James and Anthony Davis need to show them the way.