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“Lakers Still NBA’s Best Defensive Team” LeBron James Not Too Upset After Game 2 Loss And Has Faith In The Team’s Defense

LeBron James knows what the Los Angeles Lakers are dealing with in the playoff second round. The Warriors are the defending champions. They have the best offense in NBA, with terrific three-point shooters like the future Hall of Famers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. James knows them well because he faced the Warriors in four consecutive NBA finals, winning one. However, it was a different team for James.

But the 19 times All-Star was able to beat the defending champions back in 2016 with Cleveland Cavaliers. Hence, LeBron James knows a trick or two about how to beat them. In Game 1, the Lakers displayed a great attack and defense to beat the Warriors on the road. However, that game had a very finish as the Lakers beat the Golden State 117-112. But then, in Game 2, the Warriors blew the Lakers away with a 127-100 victory on the same court. King James also feels the Lakers’ Defense is strong enough to stop the Warriors.


LeBron James Has Faith In The Team’s Defense

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: SBNation

The Warriors are generally very strong at home, but in Game 1, Anthony Davis made the difference between the two sides. He scored 30 points and got 23 rebounds, along with four blocks and five assists. That’s the kind of form Davis has been showing throughout the season. He is taking care of the Lakers’ defense and offense equally well. But most importantly, AD is the reason why the Lakers are the best defensive team remaining in the playoffs. As the reserve point guard Dennis Schroder called him the anchor of the Lakers in defense. Furthermore, LeBron James has been hopeful because of that.

King James mentioned, “No matter what happened in Game 2, there is no reason to lose hope. We are still one of the best in defense, if not the best.” LeBron James further said that all they have to do is to keep scoring and maintain a balance with the Golden State’s offense. The Warriors will find ways to score anyway with three-pointers, but the Lakers will also need to keep in check with the scores. In Game 2, Anthony Davis managed to score only 11 points. It was a big blow to the Lakers’ offense. Draymond Green did a great job guarding AD and stopping him from doing any significant damage.

Lakers Vs. Warriors – Best Defense Vs. Best Offense

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Stephen Curry Warriors LeBron James Lakers Source: SFGATE

The Lakers need to strengthen their defense to stop the defending champions. Furthermore, they have to increase power in their offense to have a stronghold with the score. Hence, the Lakers Vs. The Warriors game is more like the fight between the best defense and the best offense in playoffs.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis must maintain consistency if the Lakers can beat the Warriors. LeBron James had an excellent start to Game 2, scoring 21 points in the first half. Moreover, it seemed like LeBron’s day to dominate. But Coach Ham only let him for a few minutes in the second half, and James scored only two points more. When the two stars of the Lakers don’t perform at their best, the LA side generally suffers.