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LeBron James Poised To Break Another Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Record!

The Los Angeles Lakers are now 4-2 in the first-round playoff of the seven-game series in the NBA. LA had the opportunity to eliminate the Memphis Grizzlies in the last game, as they had already won 3 out of the seven games. Another win could have settled the series then and there, but it was a game in the Fed Ex Forum. And Grizzlies have been on incredible form in their home with 35-6 this season. However, the Ham’s side had a chance to wrap up the series earlier than expected to take a rest before the second round. And they grabbed that chance with a full attack. The purple and the gold brigade has now moved one step closer to their goal after pushing Grizzlies out of the playoffs.

It is an opportunity that the Lakers should latch on to no matter what because there could be problems for them in game 7. There are two reasons that should push LA to secure the win tonight. The first is simply to put an end to a series that could be avoided taking into the last and final moment. Second, is, they would want to avoid playing the decider on the road traveling back to Memphis again for game 7. Moreover, it is an amazing opportunity for LeBron James to break another Kareem Abdul Jabbar record.


A Do Or Die For The Lakers

LeBron James. Los Angeles Lakers. Source The Mirror

The purple and gold have shown some signs of domination. But most of the time, they have been disappointing. This has been the story of the playoffs so far in the last five games of the series. The Lakers should have finished the Grizzlies game in game five if they were truly dominant. Winning the first game gave them an edge, but it also made them lethargic for the upcoming games as they had an advantage. Moreover, LeBron could have broken the record earlier, but he still has the chance to close down on Kareem.

According to the stats in the NBA, LeBron James has never lost in a playoff series where he has had a two-game advantage. The number of games for not losing with such a condition for Abdul is 32-0, and the Lakers superstar is only two games behind. If LA manages to win in the next game, James will crawl one step closer to breaking another record this year. It has already been a huge year for LeBron. After breaking the All-time top scorer, he was already in another league. And now, there is another opportunity for the King to turn this year even bigger with his achievements.

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers). Source - The Mirror

The best trait about LeBron has been his extraordinary consistency over the 20 years of playing in the NBA. It is this longevity that allows him to be super successful among all the other players in the league.