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Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes came to Singapore with the hopes of winning their first race in the 2022 Formula One season. However, unfortunately for them, things did not go as they had planned. During the main race on Sunday, Hamilton finished in the ninth position, making the seven-time world champion furious. However, once again, an incident from the race came up where Hamilton lashed out at the Mercedes team engineer. Now, the star driver has revealed the reason behind why he scolded the engineer. 

Lewis Hamilton Lashes Out On Mercedes Engineers!

Lewis Hamilton, the lead driver for Mercedes, retaliated at the team\’s engineers for ignoring his important strategic decision. The Silver Arrows\’ driver bemoaned the intermediate tires on his car and said he had \”no grip,\” taking a veiled dig at his technicians. The team needed to pay attention to Hamilton as he wanted the \’scrubbed\’ tyres. Those worn-off tyres would\’ve helped him get his grip on the track. However, he was running on fresh intermediates and struggled to fire up. Lewis was left fuming after being passed off the line by Ferrari\’s Carlos Sainz. And as a result, he stated on the team radio: “I told you about these tyres, in the future you need to listen to me – no grip.” 


After Max Verstappen was also spotted having difficulty while making his way from the pit lane to the starting grid. Red Bull\’s top driver was forced to turn around and reenter the course after losing control of his vehicle in the slick conditions. Meanwhile, Ted Kravitz of Sky Sports said that Hamilton intended to get the race off on a fully wet tire. But Mercedes engineers observed that everyone else had chosen intermediate tires, and they convinced him to reconsider his choice.

Hamilton Explains Why He Scolded The Engineers!

After the news got out that the British driver had reprimanded the engineer on the Mercedes team, Lewis Hamilton gave an explanation of what he had done and why. He has described why he sent a furious communication to his Mercedes team during the Singapore Grand Prix after telling his race engineers to \”listen to me.\” He finished in the ninth position as he fought to maintain speed and grip on the slick Marina Bay Street track. Evidently, the seven-time world champion had a difficult race.


Even though Hamilton requested a pair of \”scrubbed\” tires, the race began on fresh intermediate tires. Those are intermediate tires that have been so thoroughly worn down that they practically resemble slick tires. As failing to fire up the new round of interns, he was left furious after Carlos Sainz of Ferrari overtook him off the line. He spent most of the race locked behind the Spaniard as a result of this. Due to a dispute over strategy, Hamilton criticized his crew twice in the span of two races. And after a discussion with the crew, the seasoned racer tried to explain why he was upset.

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