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Even though it was the race weekend in the 2022 season of Formula One, the major news that has been gaining everyone\’s attention in the past week was the FIA conducting an investigation of the alleged budget breach by Red Bull last year. The FIA will reveal the result of the investigation on Wednesday. In the meantime, Mercedes and Red Bull bosses Christian Horner and Toto have been trading blows at each other. 

Red Bull CEO Horner vehemently defended his group and said they didn\’t exceed the £114 million threshold. Verstappen being away from Hamilton and clear of him this season caused their enmity to fade. But the head of Mercedes seized the opportunity to retaliate in Singapore.


Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, would be hoping that the budget breach might lead to him being crowned the world champion for the eighth time. The details of the investigation by the FIA are not out yet. However, many experts are estimating that the alleged budget cap by Red Bull is actually over 5% of the total budget. As we have discussed in previous articles, if the budget is above 5%, it may lead to serious consequences for Red Bull.

Last season, Verstappen almost edged Hamilton for the world championship by overtaking him on the last lap of the decisive race in Abu Dhabi. But if Red Bull is found of budget breach of over 5%, Max Verstappen could lose his hard-earned 2021 Formula Championship with no fault of his own. And Lewis Hamilton will be crowned World Champion in this case. If things turn out this way, it will be Hamilton\’s eighth world title, pushing him ahead of Micheal Schumacher.

 The expenditure limit was implemented last season to improve the financial viability of Formula One. And stop wealthier teams from outspending their rivals. A serious infraction might result in several penalties, including the loss of points. This might ultimately result in Hamilton winning the 2021 world championship.

Hamilton Believes Budget Breach Should Be Taken Seriously!


The FIA has received support from Lewis Hamilton as it gets ready to publicly release its initial analysis of the financial health of Formula 1 teams. The ten teams that competed in the 2021 Formula One season are expected to get compliance certifications from the sport\’s governing body. Verifying that, with certain exceptions, they adhered to the $145 million expenditure restriction.

In the midst of everything, Hamilton declared that he was not really paying attention to the most recent happenings. At the time, just whispers are heard. However, He emphasized that he believes the FIA, headed by Mohammed Ben Sulayem, would do the right thing. And he stands by it.

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