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The seven-time world champion left the Mercedes W13 seat after the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a prematurely ended race for him and did not touch it until yesterday. The car that broke his legacy and winning streak was hated by Hamilton so much that he even did not attend the after-season test as he denied sitting in the same car. However, in February, on the scheduled date of Mercedes Pirelli testing, Hamilton came back on the hot seat. Just ahead of the legacy-saver 2023 F1 season, the Mercedes drivers tested the Pirelli tire compounds in the decided venue, Paul Ricard circuit, France, on the 1st and 2nd of February.

In 2022, Mercedes were out of Pirelli\’s testing teams list because of a lack of time in the calendar. Mercedes never denied conducting the tyre testing; it was just delayed. The best part about Pirelli\’s testing is it allows no development in the car. Mercedes had the test in the same W13 that made Hamilton retire from the Yas Marina circuit even before the race was finished.


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On 1st February, George Russell had a seat behind the wheels of the W13, followed by him. Lewis Hamilton emerged on 2nd February for the 2023 compound testing. The Silver Arrows were provided with dry tyres. Thus, warming up the seven-time world champion ahead of the Bahrain Formula One practice session on the 22nd and 23rd of February.

\”So The Car Is Silver Again\” – \”YES\” Said Mercedes

The team uploaded pictures of Lewis Hamilton back on the track ahead of the 2023 championship. The caption says, \”He is back. LH in the hot seat for the first time in 2023.\” However, with this, the team revealed an essential message for fans. When a fan asked Mercedes via Instagram comments, \”So the car is Silver (with a sad emoticon). The team replied, \”YES.\”


However, many were getting confused with the caption, if Lewis Hamilton is in W13 or W14. But after knowing it was not the new Mercedes car, they hoped for a changed livery in W14. Probably because of the grand performance of W12, fans are demanding a black Mercedes car this time. \”We want a black Livery for 2023, PLEASE,\” they said. But sadly, fans are needed to accept that also; this year, they are not gonna get a black car. The 2023 Mercedes single-seater is just the same as W13, looking exactly the same as said by Toto Wolff, who saw the new car.

Nevertheless, looking at Mercedes\’s preparations for 2023 so high at the peak, no one can find a lack of confidence there. The team has already started teasing fans through memes about how grand the W14 will be. Recently, via Twitter, Mercedes tweeted a video expressing the confidence they have in their new car.

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