Surprisingly, George Russell\’s weekend at the Italian Grand Prix was hindered on Friday when Mercedes claimed that both drivers had an ERS issue. Hamilton, though, refuted the assertion. During Friday practice, Lewis Hamilton refuted Mercedes\’ assertion that both drivers experienced the same technical problem because George Russell was having trouble with his Energy Recovery System.

Mercedes claimed that the ERS deployment affected both vehicles when George Russell was having trouble with it at Monza. However, Lewis Hamilton disagreed with the claims made by the German team. Russell complained to Mercedes over the team radio about his difficulties using the hybrid system\’s electrical energy during Italian GP. This can be utilized briefly on each lap to quicken the pace.


On the team radio, George Russell claimed, \”Deployment is a bit all over the place at the moment.\” Russell mentioned that Mercedes might use that specific tactic to attempt to guarantee a solid finish in qualifying. He is willing to take a chance to ensure he gets off to a good start in the race on Sunday. Regarding the deployment issue, Russell said that compared to Ferrari, which won both FP1 and FP2, he thinks Mercedes is generally deficient in that area.

However, the Mercedes lead driver did not agree with it. Hamilton said, \”I didn\’t have an issue,\” with a slightly puzzled look. \”We have low deployment. However, I didn\’t have any issues.\” He also added, \”I know George had some deployment issues here. But my car didn\’t seem to be affected.\” However, Lewis Hamilton was dissatisfied with his overall performance in FP2. After finishing the practice in seventh place, he asserted that either the other teams had improved or Mercedes had made a mistake by changing its setup between FP1 and FP2.

Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen & Many Drivers To Gets A Penalty In Italian GP!


This weekend at Monza, the majority of the leading F1 drivers are set to take grid penalties. From Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon & Kevin Magnussen are in the race to start from the back of the track. Following the list be Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, who is contributing to the growing list of drivers. Ferrari\’s Carlos Sainz will line up last for the Italian Grand Prix. The MGU-K and gearbox in Sainz\’s car are the new energy storage systems. This resulted in further penalty for the Ferrari driver. He now has a cumulative grid deficit of 25 positions. 

Carlos Sainz has collected a 25-place grid deficit since his car is outfitted with the new storage unit and gearbox. Ferrari will also place one of its cars at the back of the grid in a special color scheme with yellow accents to celebrate their journey and their home track at Monza.

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