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LeBron James is evidently among the all-time greats of the NBA. It has been over two decades since James has been dominating the NBA circuit. And a while ago, Associated Press named James the Athlete of the decade. However, American Boxer Floyd Mayweather strongly disagreed as he thinks that he should be the one to be named Athlete of the decade. 

Why Does Floyd Mayweather Think He Is The Athlete Of The Century And Not LeBron James?

It isn\’t easy to contest LeBron\’s excellence or longevity. Even the most ardent LeBron James detractor has got to admit how extraordinary his reign as the best player has been. NBA great Lebron James has recently been selected the Male Athlete of the Decade by Associated Press and will be honored in 2020. Floyd Mayweather, though, disagreed with it. He continued by referring to himself as the Athlete of the decade. LeBron James of the LA Lakers has topped the Associated Press list, beating out famous sportsmen like Leo Messi, Michael Phelps, and Usain Bolt. However, Floyd Mayweather, an undefeated boxer, does not think the list is accurate.


LeBron\’s accolades and achievements have also frequently drawn criticism from the general population. One such case occurred in 2021 when Bron was named Associated Press Athlete of the Decade. An amazing distinction that takes both achievement and longevity into consideration. Meanwhile, five the World Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather believes that he is more deserving of the Athlete of the decade title.

In an interview with Drinks Champ, Mayweather said, \”I love LeBron James, but when we talk about Athlete of the Decade, That\’s me, hands down.\” Speaking on how he has never been awarded Athlete of the Decade between 1996 and 2020, he mentioned that he is the Forbes top earner and works for himself. According to Forbes, Floyd Mayweather has been the richest Athlete in the last ten years. 


Mayweather also added, \”No Gatorade behind me, no Sprite behind me, no Nike behind me. These are billion-dollar companies, and we like to call it placement. So if they are paying, you get what you want if you are paying enough.\” He even criticized LeBron James for being dependent on sponsorships to maintain his lifestyle.

Floyd Mayweather has outperformed his peers in terms of financial achievement by a wide margin. Even after quitting the sport in 2017, the boxing star has ranked among the highest-paid fighters. Furthermore, \”Money\” is at the top of the list once more and will be the wealthiest boxer in 2022. With a projected total wealth of $450 million, Mayweather will be the wealthiest boxer in 2022. 

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