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Lewis Hamilton Contract Update: Mercedes Boss & The Seven-Time World Champ Taking The Union Foward! Exchange Of Mails Has Finally Started

Lewis Hamilton and his contract negotiations with the Mercedes team have been a hot topic for discussion in the F1 circle for a long time now. Almost everybody knows that Hamilton’s current contract is ending after this season with his team. Moreover, the Silver Arrows have been unable to deliver a fast and smooth car to the seven-time champion since last year. He is 38 at present. Hence, the Briton might be thinking of how long does he have in the F1 circuit as a racer?

Hamilton is in the twilight zone in his career. Hence, he may look at other teams to provide him with a car that wins races. At least, fans and experts feel he should start looking. However, the Mercedes driver has mentioned several times that as long as he has good communication and understanding with team principal Toto Wolff, he is staying with the Brackley team. Hence, the chances of a contract extension between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton are inevitable. And looks like it is finally happening.


Lewis Hamilton & Toto Wolff Don’t Like To Talk About Money

Mercedes. Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton Source: The Independent

It has been months since the talk started in the media and the F1 circle. However, everybody is still waiting for a final confirmation. Recently, TP Toto Wolff spoke to ESPN about Lewis Hamilton’s contract extension. There, he revealed that he and Hamilton are exchanging emails back and forth regarding the contract negotiations now. And he was confident enough to assert that “We will sign it eventually.” Mercedes’ boss cleared that it was not at all a complicated situation when he and Lewis talked about the contract. Over the course of 11 years, both Hamilton and Wolff are aware that they have to deal with this contract after every three years. However, the Silver Arrows’ chief acknowledged that it is awkward to talk about money with a close friend or perhaps the best friend.

Mercedes’ boss feels it is hard to negotiate financial terms with a close friend. But Toto and Lewis always found a way to do it eventually. He says that he wants the best for Lewis. But in his position, the Austrian billionaire wants the best for his team as well. Mercedes’ boss also hinted that in eleven years, it might be the first time when their objectives may diverge. However, he also pointed out Penni Thow in the discussion. She acts as a great modus operandi between Lewis Hamilton and Toto about the negotiations. Hence, neither Hamilton nor Wolff talk about money to each other and talk straight with Penni.

Mercedes Will Test New Upgrades In Monaco

Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

Currently, both Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are mainly focused on the new upgrades. Mercedes was supposed to test the new modifications to the car this weekend at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola, Italy. But heavy rainfall led to overflood, and it has been chaos over there. As per official records, so far, 13 people lost their lives, and many lost their shelters. Many F1 teams have chipped in to help the flood victims.

As a result, the Mercedes team has decided to test their new upgrades in Monaco for the next Grand Prix. However, the team principal mentioned that the seat position could not be changed more than 15 centimeters. The new Mercedes upgrades will have side pods and improvements in the car’s aerodynamics.