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Priyanshu Raidas

Toto Wolff Boasts In Front Of Red Bull After Stealing An Employee From Under Their Noses

Formula One is an intense sport, and the rivalry among the team can also forge outside the track. The team principals of Mercedes and Red Bull are perfect examples of the rivalry off the tracks. Toto Wolff and Christian Horner do not leave any opportunity to get on the nerves of each other. Both of them are highly competitive, and that is what causes a spark between them. However, for a long time now, the Red Bull boss has been happier as everything is going well for his team. But it looks like an ex-Red Bull coo could have brought Wolff a few rays of happiness.

Before the start of the 2023 F1 season, Toto has signed Jayne Poole, a long-time friend of Horner, in the Red Bull. And it looks like the move has helped Toto Wolff pull one over the Red Bull. Hiring individuals from the competitors could be a huge advantage for the current team. As far as Jayne is concerned, she was with the Red Bull for the last ten years. And Wolff has many reasons to believe she was responsible for most of their success. Hence he would like her contributions to bring more success to Mercedes as well.


Toto Wolff Appreciates Their New Special Advisor

Special Advisor
Credits: Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team Twitter

The former Red Bull HR Director and Chief Operating Officer have officially joined Mercedes. And after working with Jayne, Toto talked highly of her in press conferences as the news broke out. “Jayne is a person that I have admired over the last 10 years. She worked for the competitor, but you can respect people working for a competitor and acknowledge their performance,” said Wolff.

The move is not an uncommon instance in the Formula 1 competition. People often leave their roles at one company to join another with better opportunities and pay. Toto Wolff himself stated that Jayne was with Red Bull for the last ten years, and they are not because relationships break. Over the period of many years, many Mercedes employees have also found their way to the Red Bull team as well. But it is all for the insights that they bring and the strategic edge that it gives to compete better.

What Is Jayne Pool Bringing To The Mercedes?

Jayne Poole
Jayne Poole- Special Advisor Mercedes Source: Autosport

Since Jayne Poole was part of a competitive team like Red Bull for ten years, she will bring much-needed experience. And her extensive knowledge and expertise in psychology will be used to calculate strengths and weaknesses in the paddock. And thus far, the special advisor has already started contributing to the Mercedes system to get better than the competition.

Toto Wolff states the other reason for hiring Poole is to get a fresh new perspective on the problems. Mercedes succeeded in following their old ways, and now suddenly, it stopped working. Jayne could help them break out of their routine and put new things into perspective. She has already built ‘forensic profiles’ that target the paddock’s best people. However, the results of the new recruits are yet to come forward as the season is still a long way to go.