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Mercedes\’ progress through the troubling 2022 season is a testament of the German team\’s dedication and capabilities. They had been the constructors\’ champions for eight straight seasons since 2014, with Lewis Hamilton bagging six drivers\’ championships at the same time. However, the Silver Arrows struggled badly with the newly designed ground-effect cars, posing porpoising threats. Mercedes had a tough start to the year as they struggled to get over the bouncing and find some front-running performance. Luckily, Mercedes found the right direction as they managed to get rid of their porpoising and went closer to Red Bull and Ferrari in Austria, cutting the gap to two or three tenths per lap.

Thus, Hamilton has claimed that Mercedes is not too far from competing at the front for a race win. The Briton clinched three podiums in the last three races. Now, the Silver Arrows might have their best chance to win their first race at Paul Ricard due to the circuit\’s flatness and corner types which are W13\’s strengths. The Mercedes team principal also revealed that his team would be bringing some upgrades for the French weekend. Lewis Hamilton praised the efforts of his team and the positive developments they have made through the season. He also expressed the belief that Mercedes would be seen competing at the front in the near future.


Mercedes Pushing For A Race Win In France

Talking ahead of the French weekend, Lewis was asked how his podium streak felt compared to successes in the past. Hamilton responded that he did not feel a greater sense of achievement that in the past. However, he pointed out that everyone came to the season with hopes of fighting at the front. 

But, Mercedes were forced to bear a completely different situation and bear it after being at the front for almost a decade. Lewis Hamilton revealed that it was a tough experience for many team members. The people who joined after him only saw success in the last decade and experienced something new in 2022. Meanwhile, the people who have been with Mercedes for more than 20 years have seen the low, medium, and top. The 37-year-old added, \”And so this is just another moment in time for them and for us.\”


The seven-time world champ further stated that he was happy and proud of the efforts his team made to get over a tricky situation. He appreciated the focus and the commitment his team had shown during a tough phase. The Briton mentioned that everyone at the office constantly worked without breaks and never gave up. Hence, Lewis Hamilton truely believes that Mercedes would be fighting at the front in the not-too-distant future. Lewis concluded, \”So I don\’t have a fear in that sense. I\’m just excited about the work that we\’re doing. And I\’m committed more than ever.\”

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