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Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have evidently struggled with the porpoising issue of the newly designed F1 cars this season. The German outfit and the Briton have failed to win a single race this season. The Silver Arrows are currently the third fastest team across the circuit this year after being constructors\’ championships for the eighth straight season. But recently, the seven-time world champ has spoken openly on several occasions about the dreadful effects of the violent bouncing on the drivers.

After most of the teams suffered the worst effects of porpoising in Baku, the FIA issued a new technical directive to counter/eliminate the effects of bouncing. It is a big safety concern for the drivers. Hamilton shared that his team and F1 need to do better to protect the drivers from the worse effects of bouncing. However, former Red Bull driver David Coulthard believes that drivers who are uncomfortable and feel they are doing long-term damage need to step aside. Coulthard continued that many guys and girls are willing to step into the cockpit if the current drivers feel uncomfortable. 


The 51-year-old stated that sports do not come with a \’Princess and the Pea\’ mattress. He gave the example of boxers who need to accept that they will get punched. Also, the footballers know that someone is going to drag the studs on their legs eventually. David added that his girlfriend used to play football for the Swedish national team. She got marks on her legs because she was the captain and the striker. Hence, she was constantly being taken out of matches by rival players. Coulthard added, \”So I think we have to keep in perspective a little bit that this is where certain teams are. And there will be evolution. But for the most part, just get on with it.\”

Hamilton Aims For Mercedes\’ First Win At Silverstone

Hamilton finished third in Montreal to secure his second podium of the season. However, the Silver Arrows have struggled with bouncing through the long straight. Thus, they will face new sets of challenges in Silverstone on a more conventional track with four long straights. Hamilton hoped that Mercedes would be able to start competing with Red Bull and Ferrari at the front by the time F1 reached Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. The Briton further admitted that the race in Montreal has provided him with the much-needed momentum heading into the race at this home circuit.


Hamilton revealed that there are men and women who have been working really hard at the factory without witnessing any real progress. Lewis acknowledged that it had been a difficult year for him. He disclosed that qualifying in Montreal was quite emotional for him. Further, the Briton stated that the W13 had potential, but it has got a really small setup window. Thus, if the team does not get the setup right, the car falls all over the place. He added, \”That\’s really hard to navigate through, but the team did a great job this weekend.\”

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