It is evident that stars are not in favor of Lewis Hamilton, whether his performance in Formula One or the off-track controversies that he is finding embroiled in. Recently, Hamilton had to apologize for the controversial remarks he made on the Mercedes team radio at the Dutch GP. Apparently, the Briton lashed out when George Russell and Charles Leclerc surpassed him, and he was left to secure the fourth position at Zandvoort because of some strategic dilemma.  

Why Did Hamilton Lash Out?

Lewis Hamilton, who is suffering to win even a single race this year, launched into an incredible expletive-filled tirade at his Mercedes team after relinquishing the lead to Max Verstappen. After seemingly accusing the driver of the Aston Martin of impeding him, Lewis Hamilton yelled at Sebastian Vettel over the Mercedes team radio. Verstappen had been leading before the safety car to switch to the faster soft tyre. But Mercedes left Hamilton out on the medium tyre despite his track position and only pitted George Russell. 

Lewis Hamilton

In a spooky replay of Abu Dhabi in 2021 with Verstappen running on fresher tires, it left Hamilton vulnerable on the restart after the safety car left. In order to successfully perform the overtaking down the main straight, the Dutchman displayed skill by setting up his move with assistance from the slipstream. Verstappen was separated from Lewis Hamilton by Russell, giving Hamilton a decent chance to win his first race of the year.

However, Hamilton was absolutely furious over his team’s action. Thus, he could not control himself from shouting, “I can’t believe you guys **** **** me, can’t tell you how **** I am.” on the team radio. Although Toto Wolff, the team manager for Mercedes, apologized to Hamilton on the radio after the race. He also reminded Lewis that the squad had entered the race prepared to take chances in search of their first victory of the year.

Lewis Hamilton Later Apologized For His Remarks!

Lewis Hamilton later issued an apology on Sunday for an expletive-filled radio rant directed at his Mercedes crew. This happened even though his chances of earning the season’s first Formula One victory faded. The British driver was in the lead until a late safety car period forced him to defend on slower tires than his competitors, with Max Verstappen of Red Bull racing past at the restart to claim the home triumph.

Hamilton made the apology to his team while talking to the Sky Sports network. Hamilton stated, “I was just on the edge of breaking point with emotions. But my apologies to the team because I don’t even remember what I said. I just lost it for a second.” 

Since making his debut in 2007, Lewis Hamilton has claimed a victory in every season in which he has participated. Meanwhile, Verstappen is cruising to his second championship and has won 10 of the last 15 races. However, if Hamilton lags to bag even a single race this year, his one of the biggest records will become a dead star. Verstappen had taken the top position in front of his home audience. However, Mercedes felt that Zandvoort presented a genuine opportunity for Lewis Hamilton, which worsened the disappointment.

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