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The ongoing 2022 season of Formula One has not been up to the mark for the previously dominant Mercedes team. At the same time, the seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton is also struggling badly this year. During the last Monza Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was involved in a bizarre incident with Fernando Alonso. Now, the British driver has apologized to Merdes about the Monza episode. 

Lewis Hamilton Humbly Apologizes!

In the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Lewis Hamilton lined up very last. It takes a lot of work to score points from P19. But it is important to remember that this individual was a seven-time world champion. Early on, Hamilton almost got into a crash. Fortunately, he took the shortcut, saving his weekend from an early end. Despite avoiding making touch with any cars, he expressed regret to the team for the car\’s damage.


Lewis was making reference to the damage the vehicle sustained at Spa earlier in the year. Lewis collided with Fernando Alonso, which caused the British driver\’s DNF. Additionally, his power unit sustained some significant damages that the Mercedes crew has yet to repair. Hamilton was assigned a lower starting position for Monza because Mercedes was compelled to use a new power unit. Lewis might have finished on the podium at Monza if he hadn\’t received a penalty.

Mercedes Chief Elucidates Hamilton\’s Apology!

After the race, Hamilton thanked the crew for their efforts over the weekend over his radio. But when he apologized for \”damage\” to his automobile, it baffled several people. Now, Mike Elliott, the head of Mercedes, has clarified why Lewis Hamilton apologized for the damage to the team radio after the Italian Grand Prix. Compared to Zandvoort the week before, the Monza course wasn\’t expected to favor Mercedes as much.


However, Mercedes continued to post quick speeds as the weekend approached. Elliott clarified that Lewis was alluding to the incident in Spa where he collided with Alonso at the start of the race, knocking himself out of it but also causing damage to his power unit. Elliot also praised Hamilton\’s recovery saying, \”He had a fantastic drive to come from the back of the field up to fifth with the car we\’ve got. It was a fantastic effort from Lewis.

Drivers are allowed to employ three internal combustion engines (ICE) at any time during the 2022 F1 season. Hamilton switched out his fourth engine of the season for the Italian Grand Prix in addition to using other parts. He noticed that he had used more of the season\’s allotment, incurring a penalty.

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