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Lewis Hamilton Absolutely Confident Of Beating Max Verstappen This Year! Backed By The Greatest Sprinter, Usain Bolt

The Formula One pre-season test is just a test, not the championship decider. Keep this in mind and be positive dear Mercedes fans, because the team may have found issues during the test drive. But it is just what was meant to be, right? After facing balancing and hydraulic issues during the Bahrain test running of the new Mercedes F1 challenger, the team is assuring to fix them before the season begins. The goal of test runs was to find mistakes and solve them before the weekend. And this is what Mercedes is doing, making PROGRESS, as claimed by Andrew Shovlin.

On the last day of the three days of pre-season tests at Sakhir, Lewis Hamilton managed to be the second-fastest driver. However, the first and fastest Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez. None of the sessions had Mercedes at the top. Yet the seven-time world champion believes in saying that the 2023 F1 season, kicking off this weekend in Bahrain, will come under Mercedes’s victory.

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Being optimistic and assuring fans of the Mercedes championship win this year, the Briton tends to say that the Bahrain testing went into discovering a lot of things. He said, “the entire Mercedes team has approached the discovery with the same mentality by working hard, not being complacent, and staying focused.”

“Lewis Hamilton Is A Winner Off The Track Too,” Said Usain Bolt

Meanwhile, it is not hidden from Lewis Hamilton, too, that Mercedes is not receiving the same outcome that we have envisioned from the W14. Referring to this, Lewis said, “We are not quite where we want to be.” However, it is not a bad platform to start working from. Whatever will take place this weekend is unknown, but one thing Hamilton for sure knows. He reckoned, “We will stay positive and continue to push to the maximum.”

Besides, Hamilton’s big claim about Mercedes is not getting criticized at all. Instead, he is getting more fans, including the legendary sprinting star Usain Bolt. In one of the new ‘Icons’ series launched on Monday by the official Formula One website, the eight-time Olympic champion compared Hamilton with some of the legends of other sports. As mentioned by the Jamaican, “When it comes to Lewis, he has the hunger and drive of those cricketers. I have looked up,” Namley he took the West Indies legends like Brian Lara and Viv Richards and the great Pakistani player, Waqar Younis.

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Usain Bolt has met Hamilton several times. And all the time, he found that “he is always so focused and driven. I get it. These are the qualities that you need to make it in any top sport.” He added that in Formula One, you always see that the drivers, whether it is Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, or LEWIS HAMILTON, train so hard.

Speaking of Hamilton’s personal life, Bolt claimed, “Lewis is a winner off the track too.” It does not matter if Hamilton passed a season winless, he can win the entire race this year. Nothing is impossible. And this is what Lewis embodies mentally perfectly, as believed by the Olympic champion.