Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen Sergio Perez At 2023 Pre Testing Session

Max Verstappen is undeniably the fastest racer in the current F1 grid. The Dutchman has won back-to-back world driver’s championships. After the pre-season testing got over on Saturday before the 2023 season kicks off at Bahrain Grand Prix, Verstappen still looks the best. Apparently, he is on the verge of winning a third consecutive title. Although a lot of teams are gearing up to beat the consistency of the Dutchman.

Despite that, Max Verstappen looks really comfortable with the new RB19 car. All he wanted was a fast and ambitious car, and it seems like he has got one. Although things are not looking like going against Verstappen or Red Bull too much. However, a new rumor has emerged after the three days of pre-season tests. There is a chance that Red Bull is looking to make things easier for Verstappen’s partner, Sergio Perez.


Team Red Bull Accused Of Favoring Sergio Perez Over Max Verstappen?

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez Image Credit - The Sports Rush
Max Verstappen And Sergio Perez Image Credit – The SportsRush

On the opening day, the current double-time champion, Verstappen, got the whole day to drive the RB19 car. Perez drove the RB19 car during the morning session of the second day and the entire third day. Meanwhile, other teams gave equal driving time to their drivers, but why did Red Bull not? It seems Red Bull wanted favorable conditions for Checo but not for Max. Due to this strategy, Max Verstappen had to complete his time on the track with a lot of dust and dirt on the circuit.

On the other hand, Checo enjoyed the rubber worth for the whole day as it was laid when he got to drive the car. According to former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer, Red Bull had adopted this strategy because Max Verstappen is confident, on the other hand, Checo needs help. Furthermore, Palmer thinks that the team should split the timings equally between two drivers when there are three days for these tests. He also analyses the three days, saying, “Max Verstappen was asked to drive on the opening day as it is the worst of all with the condition of the car and the track.” Sergio Perez got three out of the ideal four sessions. And that is great for the 33-year-old Mexican.

Difference In Confidence Between Verstappen And Checo

Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Image Credit Sky Sports
Max Verstappen And Sergio Perez Image Credit – Sky Sports

Palmer may be right that Sergio Perez needs more confidence to drive the RB19, which is what the Austrian team thinks. To the contrary, Max Verstappen is blooming with the most confidence of all racers in F1 at the moment. Red Bull perhaps thinks about giving the Mexican the best possible condition to try and match the Dutchman. According to the contract between Red Bull and the driver, Perez will need to get a good start in the upcoming season as it is the first of the final two seasons.

Team Red Bull never shies away from firing any driver who does not deliver, irrespective of what the contract says. For instance, Red Bull got rid of Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon for the same reason. The fans will also wait eagerly to see the chemistry between Checo and Max Verstappen. It will be interesting in the upcoming season on the race track. Especially after what happened at the Brazilian Grand Prix last season. According to Red Bull Boss, Checo knows precisely what the team expects from him and acts accordingly.