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LeBron James Will Be Out Of Lakers’ Squad For More Than THREE WEEKS: Reports

LeBron James is the most critical selling point on the current Lakers side. The Los Angeles franchise is having a terrible season. The Lakers are currently the 11th seed in the Western Conference. They have been loitering at the bottom of the table for a long time in the current season. Fans are not getting their money’s worth, and even their feelings and prayers for the team are not getting answered. The only reason people have been coming to watch the Lakers games is the records LeBron James would break.

The most significant was obviously the all-time leading scorer’s record surpassing the “Captain.” Even at 38, LeBron James is faster than most contemporary players. Other than James, there is no bright side to look at for the fans of the Lakers in 2023. It started with not having the right mix in the roster.


What Messed Up The Current Season For The Lakers?

LeBron James & Russell Westbrook
LeBron James and Russell Westbrook Lakers

The lack of balance in the team caused many obstacles to climb higher. Finally, when the problem was sorted, new problems kept coming in. It is safe to say that the Lakers are not having much luck on their side in the ongoing season. After the team found the right balance, the idea was to go full throttle, find a streak and climb up top. The Lakers have a very easy remaining schedule for the regular season which they should capitalize on.

But if the key players keep staying out with injuries, then it will be very hard to think of a positive result. Anthony Davis missed a lot of games due to an injury he sustained in December, but now he is back, and a lot depends on him. New entry D’Angelo Russell is out after spraining his ankle and missed five games on the trot. His replacement, the reserve Dennis Schroder also sprained his ankle and is out.

It’s Looking Worse For A LeBron James Return Before Post-Season

The worst injury problem the Lakers are facing currently is of their superstar LeBron James. King James hurt the tendon in his foot during the match against the Mavericks and missed the following matches. The Lakers announced at first that he would return after two weeks, quite possibly against the Thunder on March 24. But it seems like LeBron James may have to wait for a week extra to make a comeback. It seems like LeBron will stay out for the rest of the regular season games.

If the Lakers side sans King James makes it to the postseason, then there is a possibility for him to return to the current season. Chances are LeBron James will miss the whole of March, but he may play a few matches in April. Now the question is will the Lakers manage to get in the top ten for a play-in spot or an outright playoff spot? For that, Anthony Davis will need to be on a song like the last game against the Warriors. Along with AD, the rest will also need to provide support to get the Lakers home.