LeBron James, Lakers
LeBron James. Source – FanNation

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has always been one of the most under-appreciated stars. According to the former All-star center, DeAndre Jordan, the players who are consistently putting up excellent games are not respected enough. It is an obvious human psychology of not appreciating something that happens very often. Similarly, the numbers that James puts are often overlooked as normal because people have become used to the performance. And Jordan believes that these players must receive more appreciation than they get.

Since LeBron James has been such a big shot in the league, people expect a good performance almost every day he comes on the court. He has delivered some incredible games during his younger years, but he does not hold the same level of athleticism. And even in his last few years of professional basketball, he is leading his team to the championship. But people don’t seem to be appreciated enough. DeAndre is the right person to talk to on the matter because he has played with LeBron and another All center, Nikola Jokic. Therefore he knows what goes on behind the scenes to pull up such performances on the court.


DeAndre Jordan Not Happy With People Not Appreciating The Players Enough

LeBron James practice

The Lakers had an incredible opportunity last night to seal the whole series, but they could not. Partly it happened because LeBron James was not at his full potential. But the major problem is that the team could not sustain the Grizzlies without Anthony Davis on the court. It trickles down to two of them. If one is weaker, the one has to bring the A game for the team. But James was not good as he should have been and as many people expect them to be. But overall, he is averaging 24 points with 49.4% shooting, 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 1.8 blocks.

LeBron James has been incredible in the series except for the last game he played, which resulted in a 3-2. And according to Jordan, LeBron has been incredible in the 20th season of his life. “I think that it’s a huge thing for him to become the all-time leading scorer in the NBA. Anytime you break a record like that, it should be held with a lot of significance.”

LeBron James is Not Tough Enough

LeBron James and Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan and LeBron James embraced at the NBA All-Star Game. NBAE via Getty Images

People who have seen LeBron James and Michael Jordan often complain that James does not have the same killer instinct. Ex-NBA player Jim Jackson who is also an analyst believes that the major difference between LBJ and MJ is their mindset toward the game. He said the same thing about Magic. Magic did not have that level of intensity in his game that he would do anything to win the game.

MJ and Kobe Bryant, on the other hand, were made of the same cloth, and the two would do anything to win the game. According to Jim, the two were tyrannical in their approach and took some extreme measures when necessary. Meanwhile, James can only be as intense as he already is. Moreover, everyone is aware that LeBron James is more of a team player than an individual. And Jackson is happy that he did not change and has been the same since high school.