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The despise that Lakers star LeBron James posses for the Boston Celtics is not a world secret. However, it turns out Kings James is not a big fan of the Los Angeles Clippers either. The star recently expressed his dislike for Los Angeles City\’s alternate franchise, Clipper. While talking to the press, King James made a hilarious comment to solidify how much he dislikes the clippers.  

LeBron James\’ Hypothetical But Harsh Criticism For Clippers

LeBron James has been the utmost competitor throughout his NBA career. And fans are aware that how serious the Akron Hammer takes his competition. Recently, he mentioned the Los Angeles Clippers in a humorous scene in an edition of The Stop that involves his mother. King James had his audience laugh out when he declared that if his mother had supported the Clippers, he would have dunked on her. James stated, \”Listen, if my mama played for the Clippers, if my mama played for the Clippers and she in the lane, she getting punched on.\” James made light of the speculative situation while still emphasizing his competitive attitude.


It\’s amusing that LeBron James chose the Clippers for his scenario, even if there isn\’t much relevance in his mention of them. The Lakers\’ star player probably has some amount of animosity toward the Clippers because he hasn\’t won a game against them in the past two seasons. Even though he has buddies on the Clippers, the competition is intense. And when it\’s game time, LeBron puts everything else aside. The 2022 NBA season\’s first match between the Clippers and Lakers will take place on Thursday, October 20. The Clippers have won their previous seven games versus the Purple and Gold. Therefore, it makes sense why James despises the nearby franchise.

King James\’ Post-Retirement Plans!

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James has spoken up on his post-retirement plans after taking the court in a preseason game against the Phoenix Suns. LeBron James continued his stay with the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this year after signing a record-breaking two-year contract deal. His stated desire to buy a franchise in the same city is also apparent from his previous statements.


However, James could have to wait to buy a club in Los Angeles since Adam Silver had stated earlier this year at a news conference that the NBA is not currently seeking to grow. The Commissioner\’s comments followed allegations that the competition was trying to grow in areas including Seattle and Los Angeles. But this is a thing for the future, and Lebron James is still kicking it on the basketball court. And his fans all over the world want to see him doing this for as many years as possible.

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