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Ever since his split from his former wife, Kim Kardashian, rapper Kanye West has found himself in one controversy after another. Recently, the star appeared for an interview in HBO\’s reality show The Shop, hosted by LeBron James. However, during the interview, Kanye West allegedly made anti-sematic remarks. As a result, the production company, partly owned by LeBron James, has revealed that they have decided to scrap the episode due to hate speech. 

LeBron James And Co. Scraps Kanye West Episode Of the Shop!

These last several weeks, Kanye West has drawn criticism as he has become embroiled in scandal after controversy. The rapper reportedly recorded an episode of the HBO program. West was interviewed for one of The Shop\’s episodes, which is hosted by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, a business partner. But there won\’t be a new episode of The Shop that includes Kanye West\’s interview. Producers claim that the rapper took advantage of the occasion to repeat more racial remarks and spread hate comments.


The Shop\’s executive producers, including LeBron James, decided not to air the episode or make West\’s comments public. Carter gave Andscape a statement in which she mentioned that the episode with Kanye West had recently been recorded. The affidavit specifically mentions that it was captured and videotaped before the report about the hate speech was published on Tuesday, October 11. Though it\’s unclear exactly when the comment was made, the rapper\’s appearance on the program had been planned for several weeks.

As a consequence, West\’s appearance in The Shop was completely canceled. Also, no information from his interview would be made available to the public. Carter continued by assuring viewers that his program welcomes serious discussion and diverse viewpoints. Their staff, on the other hand, would never permit the promotion of hatred through our media. They have zero tolerance for any form of hate speech.


It is noteworthy that Kanye West has been involved in other controversies recently. Before declaring Black Lives Matter a \”scam,\” the 45-year-old rapper showed up at his Yeezy design presentation in Paris earlier this month wearing a White Lives Matter shirt. After that, he went on a string of online rants that were purportedly anti-Semitic. This led Twitter to ban his account and Instagram to limit his posting. The Grammy-winning rapper taped the conversation for The Shop Uninterrupted while he was still under fire. The aim of the producers was to create a fair discussion.

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