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LeBron James Demanding Kyrie Irving In Exchange For D’Angelo Russell From Lakers! Will Front Office Agree To Spend Big Bucks?

LeBron James is contributing more than his best in NBA championships for the last twenty years. He has won four championships and has been MVP four times. Evidently, James had the most successful time with Miami Heat, winning two titles. But then he returned to his hometown franchise Cleveland Cavaliers, and led the team to four consecutive NBA Finals.

The Cavaliers met the same opponent, the Golden State Warriors, in NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018, winning only in 2016. In this team, LeBron James had a solid point guard and a close friend in Kyrie Irving. Since then, they have been like brothers from another mother. Even today, after such a long time, James is rooting for his former Cavaliers teammate to join the Lakers. And looks like James is now putting up some demands to reunite with his aide.


LeBron James Wants Kyrie Irving In Exchange For D’Angelo Russell

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D’Angelo Russell Vs Kyrie Irving Source: SBNation

Apparently, the humiliating loss in the WCF Finals made LeBron James rethink his plan to stay in the NBA. if he sticks around, then he would want the Lakers to build a team according to his wish. Ever since Kyrie Irving opted out of Brooklyn Nets and later got traded to Dallas Mavericks, James has expressed his desire to bring Kyrie to the Lakers. But after the LA side found balance with young guns like D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura, the front office has not shown much interest in the Irving trade. In the offseason, D’Lo is an unrestricted free agent. On the other hand, Reaves and Hachimura are restricted free agents. In the wake of such an event, LeBron James has reportedly voted to trade D’Angelo Russell to sign in Kyrie Irving.

However, Dallas Mavericks have shown no interest in buying D’Lo in exchange for trading Irving. According to sources of Heavy Sports, the Maverick’s guard Kyrie Irving is looking for a max contract, but the Lakers don’t have the cap space to bring him in. Anyway, the Mavericks have no interest in buying D’Lo alone. However, if the Lakers throw in Austin Reaves and Anthony Davis in the deal, then Mavericks may think about trading Kyrie. But it is highly unlikely to expect something like this from the Lakers. Otherwise, the Mavericks have an impressive deal to offer to Kyrie. Hence, it seems like the dream of James may not come true after all. Adding to that, the possibility of him announcing his retirement is getting stronger.

James Is On The Verge Of Announcing His Retirement

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

LeBron James moved to Los Angeles Lakers in 2018. He won his last to-date championship in the 2019-20 season. Since then, he has been looking for his 5th championship ring. But the 38-year-old superstar is at the twilight of his career. He was really hoping to win the 5th ring this year. But Denver Nuggets shattered the hopes and dreams of James after they blew Los Angeles Lakers away 4-0 in Western Conference Finals.

After the last game of the series, in a post-game interview, LeBron James gave a scary cryptic message about his future. Moreover, it seems like he is thinking about retiring sooner than expected. Initially, he had plans to stick around the league until his son Bronny made his NBA debut. Either way, he would love to play alongside or against his son’s team.