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LeBron James Posts Another Cryptic Retirement Message On Instagram! What Is The Lakers Ace Trying To Convey?

Just like any other Los Angeles Lakers fan, LeBron James was sorrowful after Denver Nuggets blew their chances away in Western Conference Finals. The team could not win a single game in the WCF. Evidently, rival Nuggets completely whitewashed the Lakers squad. It was shocking because before coming to the conference finals, they beat the second-seed Memphis Grizzlies and the defending champions Golden State Warriors by 4-2.

In the playoffs, the LA side was enjoying an unbeaten run at the home court, arena. Hence, it was humiliating after the force of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray blew them away. Apparently, LeBron James was waiting to clinch his 5th championship ring. And that did not happen this year. Now, James is losing time as he is at the twilight of his career. Not only that, but he has also hinted towards his retirement a few times after the elimination. However, fans expect James to go on for a longer time as he is still performing at such a high level. Amid this, the Lakers ace has once again made a cryptic move that is forcing to stir minds.


LeBron James Posted Another Cryptic Message Hinting At Retirement

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

After Game 4, in the post-game interview, LeBron James mentioned that he have a lot to think about the game of basketball. What does that mean? It is as cryptic as it can get. The likely answer is that King is contemplating his retirement. This message shocked everybody a week ago. But recently, LeBron James posted another cryptic message on an Instagram story. In the story, he mentioned, “I’m supposed to be number one on everybody’s list. We’ll see when I no longer exist.” Now what does this message imply? Is he seriously thinking about retiring?

Everybody knows that LeBron James will need to undergo surgery on his right foot due to a tendon injury in the current off-season. But he has been in top form, playing at a very high level. Even today, at 38, he is easily among the top 5 best NBA players in the league. But is James thinking, “Enough is Enough! Twenty years is a long time.” It will be tough for the Los Angeles Lakers if James retires in the offseason because the current team centers around him and Anthony Davis. LeBron James often uses Jay-Z song quotes to express what he feels. He recently used the line “What more can I Say?” from a 2003 hit. Jay-Z retired as soon as the single dropped. But then he came back to the studio soon enough. Hence, the question remains, what is LeBron James going to do now in the offseason?

The King Has Been In Stunning Form In The Current Season

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: NBC Sports

Even in Game 4 against the Nuggets, LeBron James scored 40+ points. He became the oldest player to score 40+ points in a game of the conference finals. Moreover, he became the first to reach 8,000 career points in NBA playoffs. Even though James accomplished so much, it cannot fulfill him until he wins his 5th ring.

The Lakers ace always said that winning titles is what motivates him. He even had an initial plan of playing until he gets to play alongside his son Bronny in the NBA. Moreover, it may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Bronny James is supposed to get picked in the next year’s draft. However, it seems like the King might be thinking about changing his plans.