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Anthony Davis May Not Play For The Los Angeles Lakers In The Next Season!

Anthony Davis played a crucial role in leading the Los Angeles Lakers to a terrific turnaround this year. The LA franchise was 2-10 at the beginning of the season. But the February trades brought a much-needed balance to the roster. That helped Davis in his quest to take the team to the playoffs. For the fans, after such a horrible start, seeing Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals was quite unthinkable.

Clearly, Anthony Davis played the most crucial role in the team’s offense as well as in defense throughout the season, especially in the playoffs. Evidently, the team was doing well when he was in top form. But throughout the season, the eight-time All-Star had a very inconsistent form. That is why the lakers’ front office is looking at their options to strengthen the squad. And as per the recent updates, it is believed that if LeBron James retires this year itself, then the Lakers might trade Anthony Davis to Dallas Mavericks in the offseason.


Lakers Want The Best For Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Davis’s inconsistency really cost the team some crucial games this year. Hence, the humiliating 0-4 loss to Denver Nuggets in Western Conference Final brought a fair share of the blame to Anthony Davis as well. However, the Lakers faithful are grateful to him for the way he led the side to make the postseason. Moreover, on their way to the Western Conference Finals, they beat the second-seed Memphis Grizzlies and the defending champions, Golden State Warriors. The team even had a 7-0 record in the playoffs at home court until they met the top-seed Denver Nuggets. However, Los Angeles Lakers could not win a single match against the Nuggets in the final series.

As for Denver fans, they must be proud as their favorite team reached the NBA finals for the very first time in the team’s history. But Los Angeles Lakers are now looking at the offseason trades and how they need to go about it. As per the recent updates, LeBron James is a bit unsure about being available for the next season as he is contemplating retirement. However, if James leaves, then Davis might not stay with the Lakers as well. Undoubtedly, the team also wants the best for both Anthony Davis and LeBron James. In the likely scenario, the Lakers might trade Anthony Davis to Dallas Mavericks. Moreover, the front office might also benefit from signing in Kyrie Irving if AD has to leave. However, there is no confirmation if they are still interested in Kyrie.

Stephen A Smith Criticizes AD For Not Working On His Fitness

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: ESPN

On the other hand, Anthony Davis has questionable health and consistency. He has never been able to play more than 75 games a season in his career so far. Moreover, ESPN’s Stephen A Smith criticized Anthony Davis’s commitment to fitness. The First Take commentator mentioned, “AD might have a Lamar Odom Syndrome. He is engaging in the consumption of Skittles and Twizzlers.”

Mr. Smith believes AD is not in his peak condition, and neither is he working too hard on his fitness. Hence, he won’t be ready for NBA seasons, and the chain of injuries will continue. Despite AD playing a crucial role in helping Los Angeles Lakers win their 17th title back in the 2019-20 season, his injuries have caused a lot of problems for the team since then. If AD and King are gone, then the Lakers will have to build the team from scratch again.