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LeBron James Comes Out On Top With His Strong Social Media Presence! Becomes Most Viewed Player On NBA

LeBron James tried his best to secure his 5th championship ring this year. He was not fully healthy but still gave his best for his squad, the Los Angeles Lakers. At 38, King James has been playing at a very high level. He never really ceased to accomplish individual glories. Apparently, in his 20th NBA season, James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record. That event was so big and mesmerizing that even when this season gets over, the breaking news will be James breaking the Captain’s 38-year-old record.

Even in playoffs, LeBron James kept performing exceedingly well despite his return from an injury at the fag end of the regular season. As a result of that, he must undergo surgery on his right foot this off-season. Apparently, people always wondered what is the secret behind the incredible physical prowess of the 4-time All-Star player. At the twilight of his career, he never lacked in scoring, assisting, or grabbing rebounds. Hence, it is a little bit fair when people call him a big freak of nature. That’s why King James is still the most-viewed player in NBA.


LeBron Is Scared Of Losing The Spotlight On Him

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

In a recent poll for the most viewed NBA player in the current season, LeBron James got the most votes. It is no wonder he got the most votes, as Stephen Curry made it to second place. Moreover, Jordan Poole and Victor Wembanyama were surprise entries to the list. King James has 1.3 billion views. In contrast, Steph Curry has 881 million views. Clearly, James loves the spotlight, and he might have a fear of missing out. As his franchise failed to reach yet another NBA final, he might contemplate that it is time to quit. Hence, after Game 4, LeBron James hinted at a retirement call.

Moreover, a week later, James further posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story that sparked more debates regarding his retirement speculations. As a result, there are people comparing King James with top NFL players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, who did the same thing as James. These people accuse these top players of overshadowing important events by drawing the spotlight on themselves by dropping retirement bombshells. However, some netizens came to the rescue of King James, saying the fans and media personalities are equally guilty because they keep relentlessly pursuing these celebrities.

The Other Side Of LeBron James

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Bleacher Report

Other than his dominance on the court, LeBron James is an incredible businessman. He has initiated and is also part of a number of business ventures. Moreover, James is a part owner of Liverpool, a soccer cub. On top of that, he is a part-owner of a pizza chain called Blaze Pizza. These have been some of the King’s very successful and lucrative investments.

Moreover, LeBron James has several endorsement deals with a number of brands like Nike, Sprite, and so on. Adding to that, he is one of the highest-paid players in the NBA. Hence, it is no surprise that King James is the only NBA player to be a billionaire while his career is still active. Michael Jordan is the richest among the NBA players of the past and present, but he became a billionaire after he retired.