LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

Priyanshu Raidas


LeBron James Believes Brand New Lakers Squad Helping Him Read & Transform His Game

The Los Angeles Lakers are lucky to have one of the most versatile players in their squad. LeBron James is considered one of the greatest because of his relentless presence on the court. And he has managed to do that for 20 years continuously now. However, there is one more thing that makes him one of the greatest, and that is his ability to adapt to the game very quickly. The 38-year-old is exceptional in reading the game and making himself useful however the team needs.

In the presence of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, the Lakers have seen the bad days. But things had changed in the last month when they surrounded the best duo with quality support around them. The changes they made in the trade market are paying them well, considering the move from the bottom of the table to the 7th seed. And in this transition, LeBron has played a crucial part in matching the pace of the game and providing precisely what was needed.

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) Source - Toronto star

The Akron Hammer also suffered various injuries, and he came back from the latest one last week. An injury at this age takes a toll on any player, but a player like James knows how to tackle such problems. As discussed, his ability to adapt, LeBron did exactly that and took his role as provider. In the game against the Houston Rockets, he saw his forwards were doing great. So, he held back and focused on supplying the balls. And this ability has made the Lakers come back into the playoffs race.

LeBron James Praising Rui Hachimura

The young forward joined the team during the trade market on the last before the market closed. And he has been a terrific addition to the team since then. Moreover, Sunday’s game was a great example of why LeBron believes he can be a significant part of the team in the postseason. James even believed that Rui Hachimura deserved the game ball, looking at his efforts on both ends of the court.

After the game against the Rockets, James pulled a long list of compliments for his younger fellow forward. The good quality of players surrounding the likes of LeBron and Anthony is exactly what the Lakers wanted. This is why Rui Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves are worth all the investments. James said that he is one of the first guys that come off the bench, and they look up to him. Moreover, he said that “it’s not many guys his height and his size and his build to be able to guard him on the offensive end”.

Lakers stars Rui Hachimura and LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

LeBron James believes that it is his roster that allows him to be so versatile. With Davis doing all the hard work, LeBron also finds himself as more of a supporting cast rather than a spotlight player. But it is working for the team, and it also takes some load off the old man.