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After a disheartening campaign in the last NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to make a strong comeback in the 2022 NBA season. However, the team is still trying to find their first win in the last two preseason games. After suffering a defeat against the Kings on Monday, the Lakers also lost their second encounter against Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night by 115-119. 

Lakers Suffer A Defeat At The Hands Of Phoenix Suns!

The Suns defeated the Lakers 119-115 on Wednesday in the second preseason game of the year despite the Lakers having a three-quarter lead. The first half of the game saw LeBron James score all 23 of his points before sitting out the second. In his first preseason game of the year, Dwayne Bacon contributed 11, Kendrick Nunn added 21, and Russell Westbrook scored 12.


In the first half, the Lakers put on a spectacular performance, running up and down the court and dominating for almost the whole period. Their younger players took control in the third and fourth quarters for the second game in a row as Phoenix continued to dominate the Lakers. As a result, the advantage was lost.

The Lakers played their divisional opponents in Los Angeles on Wednesday in Las Vegas. During the game, both teams managed to score early points, including a pull-up three from Devin Booker and two free throw attempts from Russell Westbrook in the opening two minutes. At the first break of the heated first quarter, the Lakers had a 20-17 advantage. On 4-5 shooting, LeBron James scored 9 points in the opening period.

James came back into the game and gave the Lakers an immediate boost. Midway into the second quarter, LA was still 48-38 up and kept a double-digit lead by launching shots from downtown. He continued to be extremely efficient inside and beyond the court at the start of his 20th NBA regular season. Mikal Bridges of the Phoenix Suns is widely regarded as one of the league\’s best wing defenders.

An Impressive Day For Russell Westbrook!


Russell also put up a great performance in the first two frames, albeit it wasn\’t as loud as LeBron\’s. In around 18 minutes of the first half, he recorded a final tally of 12 points, six rebounds, and three assists. However, there was a little less intensity in the second half of the first games, and his playing time in the third quarter was quite brief.

Russ, though, benefited by having more room to work within the opening half. However, when given more room to work, Russ can still be effective. He still had some instances that reminded people of last season.

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