The reports of Red Bull allegedly breaching the budget cap in the 2021 Formula One have been the talk of the paddock in the F1 circuit for the last week. ]All this while, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton had previously refrained from commenting on the matter. But now, he has put forward some stern statements ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix. He has questioned the upgrades Red Bull has come up with in the latter part of the 2021 season. 

Hamilton Raises Questions Over Red Bull\’s 2021 Upgrades!

Red Bull and Mercedes went head-to-head for the World Championship last year as Formula 1 operated under a new budget of $145 million. Red Bull\’s 2021 improvements have lately been under scrutiny from seven-time Formula One world winner Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver has refrained from accusing Red Bull of exceeding the budget cap in 2021. He even suggested that it may have altered the outcome of the championship. Lewis thinks that the outcome may have been different if Mercedes had likewise made advancements at that time.


Hamilton did not charge Red Bull for exceeding the budgetary limit. Nonetheless, he acknowledged that he had been considering the problem last season. According to him, if Mercedes had spent $30,000 on a new floor or wing, the championship result would have altered automatically. Thus, they would have had stronger opposition in the next race.

Mercedes made their final significant season improvement at the British Grand Prix as the race\’s momentum fluctuated between the two. Red Bull kept adding more, and they even introduced a new underbody for the last race in Saudi Arabia. Now, Lewis Hamilton can\’t help but wonder whether he could have been crowned if it were not for the last-moment upgrades by Red Bull. He has also emphasized that if any teams are proven to have violated the rules governing Formula One\’s budget restriction, the FIA must respond swiftly and sternly.

Lewis Hamilton Demands Transparency!


Hamilton also insisted on how important it is for teams to maintain transparency in such matters in Formula One. Previously, Mercedes\’ boss Toto Wolff also accused Red Bull of breaching the budget cap decided by the Formula One governing body. However, the British team manager has vehemently denied all the accusations about a budget cap violation. 

Max Verstappen defeated Lewis Hamilton to win the title the previous year. The two drivers entered the season finale in Abu Dhabi deadlocked on points, with Verstappen winning in a last-lap overtake. The FIA had planned to announce their conclusions on the team finances from the previous year on Wednesday. However, they postponed the result until Monday, October 10.

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