Carmelo Anthony is approaching the dusk of his NBA career, but the veteran still has a few seasons left in him. The 38-year-old revived his career with the Portland Trailblazers from 2019 to 2021. Moreover, he has been at the center of disappointing action for the Lakers this season. Melo played 69 games for LA at an average of 13.3 points per game with 4.2 rebounds. While the LA office is looking for a new coach, Carmelo Anthony might want to return in the purple and gold next season in his role as Staples Melo for the LA crowd. The franchise bosses have a lot going in their minds right now after witnessing the horrific fall of what they thought to be a championship-winning roster. However, they might want to look at Carmelo Anthony one more time as he enters free agency again this summer.

 Recently, an NBA source has revealed that a return to the Lakers might be a top priority for Anthony this offseason. And he certainly comes with an option of roster spots for second-round drafts and undrafted free agents. Hence, while the Lakers look for youngsters to play around LeBron James and Anthony Davis, bringing Melo back for another and probably his last run would not be a bad option for the Lakers with their old rivals Boston Celtics, eyeing him too. 

Carmelo Anthony

Lakers Return A Top Priority For Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo had never played for the Lakers before. Melo had no ties to LA, but he still embraced the love that the fans gave him from the beginning. The season might have ended on a disappointing note for Melo and his team. However, the veteran might still be interested in returning to the Lakers for another run. Melo would like to help LA win a championship at the twilight of his career.

Meanwhile, an NBA told that Melo finds a comfort level staying in LA and playing for the franchise. The source stated that Melo would be hoping to make a comeback at the Lakers if they fix their roster and the coaching havoc. Moreover, there have been rumors about Carmelo sliding to the other locker room at the Arena. He might consider joining his former Thunders buddy Paul George with the Los Angeles Clippers. However, that would depend on Melo\’s confidence in the team\’s capability of winning the championship. But, in the end, if Carmelo Anthony stays in Los Angeles, he would want to return to the purple and gold. 

Davis & Anthony

Anthony was quite effective as a knockdown spot-up shooter when the Lakers were healthy. But a fit and thriving team has been a rarity for the Lakers. Anthony Davis\’ presence on the court has allowed Carmelo to be more discrete defensively. The duo was an effective net neutral as they finished with a rating of -0.7 in 546 minutes. Anthony has only played with the Lakers\’ Big Three, LeBron, Davis, and Westbrook, for 63 minutes with a 14.3 rating. Hence, Melo would like to have another opportunity with the Lakers to change the disappointing stats. The Lakers could bet on the veteran as their old rivals, the Celtics, seem to be interested in getting Carmelo Anthony for $2.6 million.

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