Russell Westbrook & Patrick Beverley

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Lakers\’ Russell Westbrook Could Join The Hornets Before The Trade Deadline Ends! Here\’s How

The Los Angeles Lakers remain one of the most surprising teams in terms of their form and making moves in the market. Their fans have been demanding better players around LeBron James, but the front office did not respond. However, the Rui Hachimura trade last week came as a surprise as they suddenly made up their mind to send Kendrick Nun to Washington. Since he arrived, the young forward has already shown his worth in the games. But the Lakers might have more surprises, such as a Russell Westbrook trade, before Feb 9.

The trade deadline is not further away now as all the teams wrap up their market list before making one last move. The deadline is only seven days away, and Russell Westbrook might be the one to make a move. Even before the season began, Westbrook was under terrible pressure to leave because of his pathetic last season performance. However, his new role from the bench borrowed him some time and even made him a fan favorite. But still, the administration does not believe the 34-year-old is worth his massive contract. And Rob Pelinka might have a knack in the market for a few more moves.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook A Likely Target For The Trade

The general manager Rob is responsible for the Lakers\’ condition halfway down the league as he is responsible for the roster construction. During the offseason, many fans raged on the franchise to build a better squad for the season. However, Pelinka did not make any changes, and the front office has been reluctant. Meanwhile, the Lakers think Russell Westbrook could be a potential move to land a better player to the squad. And there are no doubts that the team would do better if they had better players helping LeBron and Anthony Davis.

The nine-time All-star is doing well in the league, but the Lakers want players with more accuracy from range. And Westbrook is an outstanding defensive presence, but his shooting has gone poorly. And according to Sam Amico of Hoops Wire, LA is in conversation with the Charlotte Hornets regarding the trade of their two point guards. On the one hand, Russell Westbrook has had a fantastic change of season. On the other hand, Patrick Beverley has not made much impact, as his presence has been a little insignificant.

Russell Westbrook

It seems the reserved point guard has still not made his place in the Lakers squad as they look for his trade. Russell Westbrook has thrived in his recent role of coming off the bench to lead the second unit. But it is also true that the 2017 champ has missed some clutch moments to take his team to victory. But only time will tell whether the Lakers will choose the enthusiastic point guard or LaMelo Ball from Hornets.

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