The 2023 F1 season has kicked off, with all the teams set to launch their cars in the month of February. Haas was the first team to unveil their single-seater on February 1. And the second on the grid is none other than the reigning champion team, Red Bull. The champions are set to launch their red beast on February 3, 2023.

However, just before D-Day, the team had to face a drastic situation. As per reports, Red Bull\’s livery for the 2023 season has already been LEAKED. And fans have also provided their viewpoints on how it is looking. So, keep reading if you are also curious to know how the champion car is going to look in the upcoming season.


Red Bull Livery For The 2023 Season LEAKED


— Ferrari Strategists (@FerrariStrat) January 31, 2023

Looks like the upcoming F1 season for Red Bull is full of drama and chaos. First, the cost cap drama, because of which the team is required to serve the 10% reduced Wind Tunnel testing. Boss Christian Horner has revealed that the team is already suffering because of the same. And now, the 2023 livery of the Austrian team is leaked. This does not end here, as fans have already started giving their verdict on the new design.

The United Kingdom-based outfit has had the same livery on its cars since the team\’s inception. And this time also, they are in the grid with the same livery and design. Sadly, Red Bull fans are unable to see any significant change in the new Livery. As a result, fans have started sharing their degraded expectations with sarcasm.

Obviously well under cost cap for Livery budget 😂. Same BORING Livery every year.

— Charlie Lewis Martial Arts Athlete (@CharlieLewisMAA) January 31, 2023

I knew this was going to be the livery since 2018

— Jentekellens (@jentekellens) January 31, 2023

Wow it looks…hardly any different to any other year

— Paul (@kissoffofficial) January 31, 2023

Omg it’s completely different

— Winstonwarb (@Winstonwarbb) January 31, 2023

One of the fans was shocked by the new design and could not believe that Red Bull had drastically changed their new F1 car. But one of them was brave enough to confront that the car didn\’t look any different from any other year. Moreover, a fan connected this same design to the cost cap saga. According to him, for being under cost cap, Red Bull choose not to make any changes to the Livery.

But all in all, Red Bull fans are happy to have the same red beast back to dominate the F1 grid just like the last two years.

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