The Year 2022 has been a season full of ups and downs for the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. The team managed to bounce back in mid-season after having a terrible start to the season. However, recently, their performance has dipped again, and their troubles only seem to be increasing as star player Anthony Davis was injured in last night\’s game. As December is here, many expect the Lakers to pull off some trade move to strengthen their squad and make it to the playoffs. And one of the names constantly popping up in potential Lakers\’ trade rumors is Kevin Durant. 

Los Angeles Lakers Still Have Eyes On Kevin Durant! 

The Los Angeles Lakers are aiming to make improvements in the hopes of making it back to the playoffs after Anthony Davis just put together an MVP-caliber streak. According to recent speculations, the Lakers may be planning a major acquisition that will rock the NBA community. Recent news stories from The Athletic cited superstar-level players like Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard as probable trade candidates for the Lakers.

Kevin Durant

The LA Lakers are now two games away from securing the last available place in the play-in round. They now have an 11-16 record and a 5-5 recent ten-game record. Based on the names mentioned in the report, LeBron James and Anthony Davis are still at the top of their game. It is obvious that LA is eager to do all it takes to make the most of its partnership.

Although the LA Lakers may have their sights set on Kevin Durant, it is doubtful that they will succeed in obtaining him. They have the smallest amount of draft money available, and their supporting cast is not very strong. KD did make a trade request over the summer. However, the Lakers were not on his list of potential destinations. Considering the Brooklyn Nets\’ current standing in the Eastern Conference is fourth. He might not be in the mood for a change of scenery right now.


When it comes to Lillard, he may be the NBA\’s most invincible star at the moment. He has often stated his wish to remain with the Portland Trail Blazers, and he has made this very apparent.

The Lakers must choose between two options if they want to avoid continuing down this present aimless road. The club has two options: it can trade its players and acknowledge defeat or try to salvage its season with a win-now move. LeBron James cannot really be traded. Therefore this is not a possibility. The Lakers appear to be buyers at this year\’s trade deadline, making a deal for Anthony Davis just as challenging. As of now, the Lakers\’ wish to acquire Kevin seems difficult. But only time will tell what happens next. 

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