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Priyanshu Raidas


Lakers Release Mixed Injury Report Ahead Of Game 3 Vs. Nuggets! Will LeBron James Play After Ankle Injury?

The Los Angeles Lakers ruled out yet another mixed-bag injury report which could concern the Lakers fans. But for most of the season, they has ruled out such reports and then played their main players. Now, the team is already in a two-game deficit against the Denver Nuggets, and their significant players are not at 100 percent. In this moment of demand, fans would expect their superstar duo, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, to perform strongly. But both of them are dealing with some or the other problem due to the hectic postseason schedule.

One more player who has been the point of concern is Mo Bamba, who is yet to feature in the finals series. He injured his left ankle and is still probable on the Lakers’ list of injured players. Undoubtedly, Game 3 will be an important game for LA to make their return to the series. And losing one on the home court would mean another loss could knock them out of the competition. LeBron James would not want his legacy to end after coming so close to the fifth title of his career. Therefore all the mistakes from game 1 and game 2 need rectification on Saturday night.


LeBron James’ Deceptive Status For Game 3 Vs. Nuggets

LeBron Vs Nuggets

The head coach Darvin Ham often keeps his superstar duo as probable because of their lingering injuries. But at the end of the day, they both feature in the game to help their team. Without Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the court, the team is one hollow structure that would fall under the Nuggets’ adamant pressure. Therefore, the two will anyway have to play through their injuries and fatigue to keep the title hopes alive this season.

Although LeBron has a lingering ankle injury which has caused him to miss many regular season games this year. Unfortunately, he triggered the same injury in game 2, which has led to soreness in his foot. The 38-year-old landed on Anthony’s foot, leading to a twist in his left ankle. This mishap happened when they desperately tried to stop Aaron Gordan for a defensive rebound. But what does it mean about his status on game 3? According to James, “I’ll be ready on Saturday.”

The Lakers Head Coach Seals His Lips On LeBron’s Condition

When LeBron James fell after the incident, he looked in a lot of pain. And to continue against demanding opponents like the Nuggets, he will need a hefty recovery to play pain-free on Saturday. However, he is confident that he will be ready, and nothing can stop him from playing. But Coach Darvin Ham, on the other side, has not said anything apart from expressing his need for James in game 3. When asked about the condition of James, he replied that it is up to the medical team to answer.

But considering the past record of James, he has managed to recover from complex injuries. And if not, he has played through the pain. With only a few steps away from the title, James does not seem like one to back out now. It will be interesting to see how Ham will implement James in the next game if he plays.